Do we like Quaker State dino oil?

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Jun 5, 2003
Apple Valley, California
I searched and didn't see any VOA's on the stuff. Pep Boyz has it on sale and after the rebate it's $.68 (or is it $.88?)per qt. Somethin like that. Anywho if it has more good stuff than Valvoline I may get a case.
Chris142, the one thing I have always liked about Quaker State is that they still put the year of manufacture on the bottle. That is more important then some people realize-according to what Pennzoil said in PM Magazine, motor oil has at least an 18 month shelf life. But that does not mean you should put five year old oil in your brand new car or truck. I don't know how Quaker State compares to other oils. My guess is that it is at least as good as Valvoline.
I used QS 10W30 and 10W40 through the 80's and my Dad will run nothing else to this day. I feel that it is a very good oil. My Dad gave me a 1979 Dodge van in 1990 that had about 120,000 miles on it. It smoked at start up so I figured it needed valve seals at the least. I pulled the motor out and down only to find that it was very clean inside and was still standard. So I put new valve seals and put the thing back together with new bearings and rings just because I had it apart. If you are using dino oil I'd say go for it.
I have never used QS, but I have a buddy that has used it exclusively in his s-10, and he currently has over 250k on it. The oil has been changed every 5k and it doesn't use a drop of oil between changes. His trip to work is about 60 miles, so most of those miles are freeway.
i bought 5 qts of the 5-30 q state for my ranger when they only had 3 qts of my regular pennzoil 5-30. engine runs very smooth, and i swear, seems to like the quaker state better then the pennzoil. i know they are both owned by royal dutch shell, and i beleive, basicly the same oil, but it also seems to need less "topping off" as well. penzdude. maybe i need to change my login name to "q dude". lol
I got a case of 20w-50. All they had was that or 10w-40. My old International truck likes straight sae30wt. I'll try the 20w-50 and see what happens. Today is the last day of the sale $.68 a qt after the rebate [Cheers!]
Until 1999, Mercedes Benz used Quaker State dino oils in all their factory outlets in Western Canada. At that time they switched to recomending synthetics but still today use some QS dino products, mainly gear oil.
Originally posted by Jason8691: Does motor oil really only have an 18 month shelf life???
No, that's bull. This stuff was taken out of the ground where it was naturally synthesized from animal and vegetable matter and "stored" as a toxic witch's brew at he11ish pressures and temperatures for millions of years, refined, and loaded with preservative and performance enhancement chemicals to extend its useful life in service - and we're supposed to believe it magically craps out in a year and a half when stored in a sealed container at normal tempratures? Yeah, right. The Material Safety Data Sheets for all brands indicate an indefinite shelf life when stored at temperatures tolerable to humans in its original sealed container. This is motor oil - not fresh meat or produce.* The only valid argument I see for avoiding oil more than three years old is that the API "Sx" classification changes more or less at that interval. Even then, for cars that were originally designed to run at an older "Sx" classification, using new-old-stock sealed motor oil of that classification would be perfectly appropriate. *As an aside, yak butter's been dug up from storage in burried clay pots several times over the past 75 years at archeological digs in Mongolia. Purportedly, it was still edible when analyzed. Carbon dating has determined this stuff to be between 1,000 and 1,500 years old. The average ground temperature at the roughly 5' depth was between 45 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Personally, I'll stick with, "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter", though. Yack butter?! [ November 29, 2003, 12:22 PM: Message edited by: Ray H ]
Well, Quaker State hasn't always been thought of as a good brand by a lot of folks, including myself. However,my wife and I own a '90 Pontiac Sunbird with a 2.0L OHC four cylinder. My wife got this car when it was about a year old, and I started dating her when the car was 3 years old. It has had nothing but the regular QS 5W30 put in it, except for one Valvoline oil change while we were on vacation. It still runs like a new car, and doesn't smoke or use oil. The oil has always been changed at 3000 to no more than 3500 miles. We even used the dreaded Fram oil filters up until a few years ago. So QS isn't all that bad. The engine is a little noisy,but I don't remember if ever being that all that quiet, even when new.
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