Do we have an mobil racing 2t fanatics on board.

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Feb 21, 2011
Anyone running low on the old mobil racing 2t 2stroke oil ,that loved using it? How much do you have left and how much a year do you use?
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I used it for several years now and unfortunately I'm down to enough to mix 2 gallons. Have some Amsoil Sabre on the ready and I'm sure it will do a fine job.
Love it, still have plenty, about 50 pints and 3 quarts. I use about 2 quarts a year between the LawnBoy, the string trimmer and the scooter.
It's my absolute favorite. The Mobil 1, MX2t or Racing 2t is an excellent all around oil and a problem solver. It's that good. My previous bike, a Husqvarna 360WXC had difficulty with ring wear over the exhaust port and rapid con rod big end failure (about 15-16 hours). Plus the 2 exhaust valves were always contaminated and sticky. M1 solved those problems perfectly. Same goes for my RZ350, the power valves remained clean and functional (rz is otherwise very reliable on any oil). I have 2 or 3 gallons left. My current bike:
I have approximately 20 -25 pints and 3 quarts. I use it in both of my 6 1/2 HP Lawn Boy mowers (the most powerful 2 cycle mowers ever made). Perfect for that application because: No smoke (other than a start up puff), no odors, and no exhaust port deposits. I use maybe 2 or 3 pints/year. I used to use it in a Suzuki powered, 5 hp, Toro 2 cycle snowblower. Worked great in that application as well. Recently sold the snowblower upon moving from Michigan to Nashville - no need for one here. By the way, I may sell off up to 5 or 6 pints, if anyone is really interested or in my area. At this rate, I may have it for years. Also, a tip: Don't tell anyone. Check your state ExxonMobil distributor to see if there is any socked away in their warehouse (covered in dust). I bought a bunch from a California distributor at a clearance price few years ago. Since 2 cycle equipment sales were banned there LONG before everyone else, I guess they figured they would not be able to sell any of it. I paid only $1 or $2/pint. Bought some more from a Texas ExxonMobil distributor the same way. Good luck!
I got about 24 pints of the MX2T left but stop using it. I am switching to Motul 300V because I have a couple cases of it. I just got 6 cases of Motorex Cross Power 2T that will be next in line. I am not particular on 2T oil as long as it is full synthetic.
Quart and a half left for the OPE. I've been wondering what to use next, a trip to the local bike shop will be in order. Maybe Castrol's synthetic if I can find it locally. The little 4 oz bottles at the OPE dealers are pricey for what they contain.
I have 1/2 quart left from Mobil 2T, but switched over to using Castrol ActivO sometime ago (relatively easier to obtain here in beaverland) and I must say though: it's prolly just as good. I saved all the non-critical application (2T trimmer, etc.) by using Esso semi-syn 2cycle oil (ash, JASO FC) and been satisfied so far. Q.
I've got several quarts, but the only thing I use it for is my Lawn Boy, for which I mix it at 32:1. Everything else gets either saber (which I'm low on) or other decent-quality synth 2t mix.
I have 4 Quarts un-open, 1 quart partly used. Since I no longer have my old Suzuki powered, Toro 2 cycle mower, I only use about 5.2 oz a winter in my Toro B&S powered Snowblower.
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The heck with oil...that is a sweet RZ350!
Yes it sure is, bet the thing would run real nice on Klotz R-50 whistle
i called every advanced auto parts in my state when they had it on clearance for 0.09 cents per quart. i know fellas. i felt like i was stealing lol. i ended up with approx 30 quarts and i use around .5 qt per yr. so i'm good for 60 yrs or so. i'll be 100 when i use my last quart. whitearrow
Still have 11 quarts left. My mopeds love the stuff along with all my other 2 stroke toys. Know anybody selling any leftovers? I'm willing to hoard more. Joe
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I have come across probably 12quarts. Is it still good(shelf life)? Stored indoors.
I believe it is still just fine. I've been storing mine for years now, without any issues.
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Anyone running low on the old mobil racing 2t 2stroke oil ,that loved using it? How much do you have left and how much a year do you use?
Searched extremely hard for over a year and found someone who sold me 20 6-pack quart cases after I had done a tremendous amount of research on this oil. I have enough for multiple lifetimes, or maybe just one lifetime if I decide to start up a landscaping business. The stuff is amazing and is better than anything you can buy for the following reasons: Ester based (Carboxyl Ester) with a Low flashpoint. Unlike Motul 800, so it actually burns and it's BTU's contribute to the power. Can be used in high ratios without noticeably affecting octane rating. Has better high temp protection that Stihl HP Ultra with over a 12 cst viscosity at 100 C. Only oil I've ever read about (and seen) that actually dissolves carbon deposits from the exhaust port, and never develops carbon buildup that needs to be cleaned. I mix mine with ethanol-free TruFuel (4cyl fuel in the grey can) at around 20:1. Yup, 20:1, do not care what anyone says. More oil = more power and better ring seal, proven facts. Mobil 1 Racing 2t was the official oil supported by MVVS, an RC aircraft engine manufacturer. No other oil on Earth has ever compared, with one exception, Putoline RS959 and Putoline MHX (SAE50) (MHX is now discontinued) Putoline oils were never available in America, and would cost over $100.00 to ship for just 4 litres to the U.S. Would I sell any of my stash? That would depend on what someone is willing to pay, and it would be by the case only. Look how much Motul 800 costs. Even though this stuff is years old, it is still perfectly good as it is factory sealed and hasn't been exposed to sunlight.
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I still have about 3 quarts and about 20-25 pints. Using it on the both 6 1/2 HP Lawn Boys and a string trimmer. It is as good as everyone said it is. My proof? Those of you who know how bad 2 stroke Lawn Boy mowers can smoke. Using mineral based 2 stoke oil, my wife would not let me come in the house - I smelled so bad. I also killed every mosquito within 2 acres. Using Mobil 2T, I get just a small puff of smoke upon start up. No smell, no dripping oil out the exhaust port, and no deposits. It was the same result, when I had, my Suzuki powered, 2 stoke snowblower in Michigan. I have sold a few pints to a fellow Tennessee Bitoger. If someone offered me "crazy money", I might sell off some more. After all, they aren't making 2 stroke Lawn Boys, 2 stroke Suzuki powered Toro mowers (I have one of those too), or 2 stroke Mobil oil anymore! I believe if enough people pestered ExxonMobil to bring it back, I think they would. Remember when folks complained about Mobil 15W50 Red Cap being pulled off the market? From what I understand, what we have today is very close to that legendary product.
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