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Nov 16, 2002
German Castrol = SLX in the U.K. ?
Formula SLX 0w-30

Unique fuel saving characteristics - free flowing qualities and exceptionally low frictional characteristics

This is most likely why this oil makes most engines quiet.

They list 2 other 0w-30 syntecs. The other, is a very light viscosity version that is used in Volvos and appears to be as thin as the old American stuff.

SLX - R Tec 0w-30

Thanks for providing these links.

Unless they change the label on GC to reflect A5/B5 it still has to have an HT/HS > 3.4. So the new stuff must have a high shear resistance even though it has been reported as being "thin."
pscholte, the Formula SLX 0w-30 isn't thin. It's 12.2 cSt at 100C. The link at the bottom is the thin stuff, which I thought might have been the old American 0w-30. What I am saying is that the SLX is GC.
It also lists the HT/HS of 3.5 for the SLX which I'm almost positive is the GC here in the US. If you read the PDS and what it says about it, it's clearly that oil.
Just to muddy the waters a bit, this version of SLX has now started appearing on shELVES over here. SLX Longtec

It was occupying the space where the great green
SLX should have been

And, no I don't know what colour it is: The bottles have a tamper-proof seal on them, and the staff in auto stores start getting stropy if you open the bottle up to view, sniff and taste the oil
Paranoil, I believe that is the same one as posted above. How many Syntec Lontec 0w-30's are their over there? What is the difference between this SLX and Lontec? Castrol is a pain in the @ss!!
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