Do I need a kick in the rear?

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Sep 22, 2004
New Brunswick
Ya know, maybe I do. Been working for a few weeks and made some decent money, so of course the first thought that crossed my head after the alcoholic fog cleared was: "I want another car". I bought my 92 Accord back in October and it's been a good car to me, but I think I want to fix it up a small bit and sell it. I think I'll fix the nasty leak in the flexpipe, maybe toss 2 front tires on it and it's going up for sale. I spied a nice looking 93 Plymouth Voyager in a used car lot on Saturday. It's a dark blue color with a clean burgundy interior. 3 liter Mitsu V6 with the A670 3 speed automatic. The 3 speed automatic is much, much more reliable than the 4 speed, I've been told by people at . The body is pretty good, just a few small rust spots and paint flakes on the hood. Tires all match and are used but still have a year or more of life left to them. The engine runs nicely, doesn't burn oil and the transmission works good and shifts properly. Brakes are strong and don't pull, the suspension is rattle-free and solid. All the glass is good. The van is pretty plain for being the SE model. No AC, no power windows or mirrors. It does have cruise control and it works fine. I had it out for a spin on the highway and it rides great. Nice and quiet, doesn't wander and pull and seems to have decent power once underway. I'm going to need to adjust to the different sense of speed, at onne point on the highway, I wasn't paying attention to the speedo then I checked it and it showed I was doing 135 km/h and it didn't feel like it at all. Difference in vehicle height would account for that I guess. It's safety inspected til November of this year, and registered til May. The dealer wants $1295 Cdn for it, but I'm going to go up there tomorrow with $1000 in my hand and see if he'll let it go for that. In my limited experience with used car salesmen, they'll usually let a car go for a few hundred less if you show up with the money in your pocket. I figure it'll cost me about $1500 total to get it in my name, if the dealer lets it go for $1000. 15 percent sales tax on whatever it Redbooks for, 8 dollar transfer fee, 80 something dollars for registration then a few other fees and it'll be mine. One interesting thing I noticed about this van when I had the hood open on it was that the previous owner has removed most of the stock plastic intake tubing and installed what looks like a small piece of pipe and a cone air filter on the throttle body. It makes a loud hissing sound at idle with the hood open, but it sounds kinda nice when I hit the gas pedal hard while it's accelerating. Oh, the PO also put a Honda casette deck in the van. I've got a cheap Jensen MP# cd player I'll be putting into it's place, but it's funny to see a Honda stereo in a Plymouth. Anyone have any experience with these vans?
if there was a honda stereo in it the po might have hacked up the wires. those engines and trans will last a long time if properly taken care of. good luck with it.
Hmm, now I need some help. I've been told by someone on a local import tuner website that happens to live in the same town as the used car dealer where the Voyager is that they're crooks. They apparently mickeymouse cars together, roll back odometers and basically sell junk. This person said a friend of his bought a 99 Neon with 99000 kms and it fell apart a few days later. Now I'm always skeptical of second and third hand knowledge like this, but I mean, the van sure seemed to be working good when me and my dad had it out for a run. I've already made plans to go up there tomorrow to purchase it, so now I need help. I'm not very knowledgeable about cars although I do know the basic things to check for. I don't have any tools other than some sockets and screwdrivers, so I need you to tell me what to give close scrutinization to on this van. The only things I didn't check when I had the van out on the highway was the e-brake, the suspension bounce test, grab the wheel and wiggle it to see if there was any play or looseness, and I forgot to check the oil and coolant.
Oil and coolant check is crucial - milky looking oil could mean a head gasket in your future, which isn't very much fun. If the suspension was shot you probably would have figured that out on the highway, so that's not as big of a deal. Definitely check those fluids! try and get the VIN and carfax it to see if the mileage lines up with previous records. Good luck!
You want a van instead of an accord? Do you have a family to haul around? I would think that the accord would last you a while and get better MPG than the voyager with unknown history.
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