DNS question, outgoing traffic identification

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Aug 15, 2005
Lexington, KY
Here is a scenario:

Let's say I have a domain z.com

I have two hosts: a Windows 2003 R2 server that sitw behind a Debian Linux server which is connected to the ISP.

Because the web site and mail are hosted outside the LAN here is how the addresses resolve:

lan.z.com resolves to my Linux host.

z.com and mail.z.com resolve to my mail/web provider's host.

Now the problem: Outgoing connections from the Windows server are identified by the third party firewall as coming from mail.z.com whereas they are really coming from lan.z.com

Nobody cares, until that firewall is set up to perform reverse DNS lookup.

In case this helps, my Linux server hosted the mail and web site until these services were moved out to the third party hosting company.

I need connections from the Windows server to be identified as coming from lan.z.com

Where do I fix this? One of my hosts? The ISP? I doubt the mail/web host is the problem.

You need to PM OVERK1LL he is a network engineer and I'm sure could answer your questions quite easily.

I was going to say the same thing, the owner (authority in DNS speak) of the DNS PTR records needs to make a change.
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Probably your ISP needs to fix that. They control the reverse-DNS entries for IPs in their address space.

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