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Mar 2, 2006
Mid-West, USA
I have been a long time Time Warner user. I recently got Dish Network and haven't turned back! It is so much better than Time Warner was. I was really up in the air between Dish and Directv. But, I am super happy with Dish. I have used the refer a friend and it works well. They have a pretty good setup for referrals. If you are planning on getting Dish Network installed in the near future, let me know. I will PM you a Refer a Friend code and we will both get a $50 credit. Thanks!
We have been a Dish Network member for 15 years. Switched from cable. Purchased our 1st set up for $1.00 plus shipping. Installed it ourselves, we've upgraded over the years and now have the Super Dish. Non of the upgrades have cost one red cent. Am I satisfied? YUP!
I've been very happy with Dish as well. Had a few hiccups at first with customer service and getting the wrong DVR installed, but after arguing with them for a while, all is well and we've been happy with it since. The PQ is much better than Comcast or AT&T U-Verse.
I have had Dish since 2003. I do lose signal at times when heavy storms are rolling in. It's the cloud cover, not the rain, that blocks the satellite signal. Overall, I am pleased due to the fact that the provider offers good technology (single receiver for multiple TV's) at a price that is lower than any other provider in my area (Time Warner and Verizon Fios). I do lack some of the channels in my package (America's top 120), but I pay less (about $60 a month in total) for my programming. Dish's DVR and guide software is intuitive and easy to learn. Overall, nothing is perfect. If I make any changes in the future it would be to ditch pay TV and go for online programming. For the local channels I still receive all, now digital of course, with my old attic antenna.
I have been mulling it over because they are the only provider with Willow Cricket, but rumor has it Cox might be picking it up so I won't have to switch.
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