disconnect HID relay harness from battery when using battery charger or nah?

Sep 23, 2017
hey so i regularly charge my battery with my truck with a noco g3500 since i always short trip it and want to keep the battery topped up. i of course dont remove the battery from the vehicle, it stays in. however i have a aftermarket hid setup with a relay that connects directly to the battery. its two wires, one goes to the red post and one goes to the negative post. for the past few months ever since i got the hid installed, i have been unplugging one of the relay connectors from the battery (+ or neg) and then connecting my noco g3500. i am not an electrician but the reason i did it is that i dont want for some reason the ballast to get energized or something when its connected to the noco g3500 and ruin the ballasts over time or something..

so my question is, is that necessary to disconnect one of the hid relay connections when i hook up my g3500 or does it make no diff if i charge the battery with everything still connected?

sorry again i know its a noob qurstions
Jun 15, 2003
Your relay isolates the ballast until the switch commands it to close. As long as the switch is off, the ballast sees nothing.

The charger will bring the battery voltage, and anything running off it, up about one volt. But it won't force anything into doing something it won't want to.