DipStick marker>>???

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Aug 16, 2003
I'm serious here, okay. I have been wondering for some time about placing som king of mark on the dipstick where I would know to the ML or Ounce (exactly) the level of say one two or three marks like 1 ounce 100 Ml 2 ounce etc. just a couple marks so it doesnt take me ten or twelve pourings from the bottle to hit it where I want it. Is there a paint or marker that will stay on the dipstick without affecting the oil or wiping off the metal stick? I don't want to etch, but been thinking about a punch, but was hoping of some kinda paint or marker.
You'll have to notch or dimple the metal. Why even think about it? An ounce won't make any difference. We can discuss whether or not a half-quart makes a difference...maybe in a small system, probably not in a large system. Ken
I understand where you are coming from but... The level will depend on: 1. engine temp 2. levelness of the car 3. Amount of time the car has been stopped. As was mentioned the low and high marks are one quart difference. Measure the difference and calculate the amount of oil per 1/8" etc. Now when you add oil you can be say 1/4 inch or about 8 oz over on a 4 quart engine with absolutely problems whatsoever. So if you are over or under its no big difference. I think you are trying to be to precise here. Not being picky just an opinion. [Cheers!]
Most dipsticks have a full mark and a 1 quart low mark. Usually they are less than an inch apart, meaning each ounce will be less than 1/32 in. You could subdivide the quart mark with half, quarter, etc. A punch mark, or a notch with a file would be permanent. Most of your paints are going to resist even hot oil. A good choice may be a little bottle of touch up paint with the brush in the cap. Clean the dip stick good before applying paint and keep it thin, less chance of it flaking off. We are not above having a little fun at times, but we are all serious here, sliding into anal and obsessive at times.
Originally posted by Al: ---***---So if you are over or under its no big difference. I think you are trying to be to precise here. Not being picky just an opinion. [Cheers!]
Yes I am being precise. I can not help it, I've tried my whole life until the point I decided the Almighty God, the one and only True God created me a little different than the average "Joe" The thing that got me really going was (Ive got blurry pics) when I did a Valve cover gasket in the early 300K's, THERE was writing on the inside of the thing where the CAMS sit, you could see it, and I asked the mechanic and he said they did that before they assembled the engine. IT's still there and it liiks like a kind of marker/paint written by hand. I want one of those and color would be better. Anyone know???
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