dino or synthetic? engine additive?

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Jul 12, 2006
Northern Cal
hello, guys! new here on BITOG. what would be your advice? i've got a 2006 Grand Cherokee HEMI V8 Overland running on 5W-20 dino, has less than 1000 miles. would it be okay to switch to full synthetic before 3K? what would be the best 5W-20 full synthetic in your opinion? should i add LC or VSOT or low dose (3oz according to a-rx website)of A-RX right away? replies are greatly appreciated. thanks.
I would just use a 5w20 Synthetic Im partial to Mobil. I switched my 4.7L at 700 miles and everything is great now at 9,000 Miles.
Welfare! You should be great with that oil. Extend the OCI, though. If you thrash it, I'd change every 5K, but no reason not to go 7500 if there's any mention of 7500 mile OCI acceptability with the owner's manual. Redline, Amsoil, and the rest justify 10K OCI, in my opinion, running afoul of your warranty requirements. But if you care enough to run the very "best"..... If you're going to change every 3K anyway, run 5W20 Havoline (of course, you'll catch he11 from the anti-5W20 crowd for running 5W20 in a Hemi, but that's ANOTHER argument). MHO, derived from the wisdom of the learned heads here..
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