Dino oils available in Europe?

Munich, Germany
According to German law, here in Germany only PAO / Group IV+V is allowed to be labeled "Fully Synthetic" Shell is labeld "Synthetic technolgy" here, Mobil 1 "SHC technology" and Motul, the Company that tried to cheat Customers and lost on Court, (HOW Stupid are they??) is now newly labbeld "Synthese Technology" here. All theses Oils are Group III, Hydrocracked or a mix of Group IV + III The only true fully synthetic oils available here i am aware of are from Ravenol, Liqui Moly and Rowe. Group I is mineral, Dino. Groupi II is semi-synth. A mix of I and III/IV, Group III is Hycrocracked or GTL, so called Synthetic, Group IV is the real deal, fully synthetic PAO / Ester. FYI: Motul was so stupid and printed "Fully Synthetic" on the bottles here in Germany, but were sued by annother company for wrong advertising and lost on court, now all bottles are newly labeld here in germany.


Yes, I have been places in the EU where M1 0w40 was called synthetic … and where my driver put 1.2m Km on his MB and traded for another while running fine …
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In Europe, we only regard Group 4 and Group 5 as 'Synthetic' Group 3 is labelled as Semi-Synthetic Groups 1 & 2 are labelled as Mineral.
This is incorrect. In most of Europe (as in most of the world), the term "fully synthetic" is applied to any oil containing 100% Group III, IV or selected V base oils. The term "semi-synthetic" does not refer to, and never has referred to, a group III base oil. The term "semi-synthetic" refers to a blend of groups I/II with group III/IV/V. The only exception in Europe is Germany, where group III has its own reference, "HC-Synthese". Still "synthetic", but hydrocracked synthetic. And once again I must point out that group V is not a synthetic category - it is a broad category that includes some synthetics (ester for example) and many non-synthetics (naphthenics, MVIs and so on).