Dino oil w/Schaeffer neutra

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Jul 4, 2002
Montgomery, AL
How would a good dino oil perform with 1 oz. of neutra added every 1k to 2K miles? Would it act like lubecontrol and add extra solvency? Would wear over the drain interval (6K) be reduced? Would deposits be lessened? Maybe it would be as good as adding the Auto-Rx maintenance dose. [I dont know]
Lube Control is a cleaner and lubricator. Neutra is an ester, a cleaner, and light lubricant. Depends on what speed of cleaning you want. Fast - Lube Control (can be used while driving in maintenance dose) Slower - Neutra (can be used while driving in maintenance dose). Slowest - (can be used while driving). In answer to your question, it would add a bit of extra solvency, and your engine shoould be cleaner over the long term. A cleaner engine has less wear. [ February 17, 2003, 04:29 PM: Message edited by: MolaKule ]
Thanks MolaKule! I really like the concept of using a maintenance does of lubecontrol and read with great interest the report from Terry Dyson. Those new to the board should download it. I also like the idea of adding solvency late in the drain cycle (3-6K) to keep suspended particles in check and, hopefully, reduce oxidation/nitration.
I want to give credit were credit is due on the LC/FP report. Dyson Analysis owns that report but the majority of the bench testing was performed on a consulting basis by our own Molekule ! Real time oil analysis is ongoing, testing and fine tuning using the LC as a motor oil extender/antioxidant. Absolutely amazes me this technology has been hidden for so many years. LC used with Schaffers #132 can fortify the cheapest motor oil into a respectable lubricant. We can thank Molekule for that discovery to ! This board provides more cutting edge testing and knowledge than many are aware of. Terry
Terry, So, in your experience there are some additives that actually work? I've always been told that additives are not needed cause the motor oil company puts in their own mix already.
zam, I have been a proponent of NO ADDS to fully formulated oils for most of my analysis career. Then I realized I mix and experiment all the time some of it works well so why not share that with my non- corporate oil analysis customers. Got to admit in custom formulating racing oils ,and consulting with major oil/add companies that some adds are save and effective if used properly and monitored with analysis. Consider the fact that you can "air" an idea or mix here on this board as we have engineers,physicists, chemists, tribologists, and oil analysts that do the same thing at work( every day) that is discussed here. MOST of the time it is best to use a fully formulated oil and periodically use something like Auto-RX to clean 500 miles before draining. For the average motorist that plan is safe ,effective , and less expensive. For the people here on Ed P's board the average is not good enough ! [Welcome!] zam ! [ February 18, 2003, 04:24 PM: Message edited by: Terry ]
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