Dino Oil Reccomendation for my 2 Cars

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Feb 16, 2004
Seacoast NH
Hi Guys, ok, I would like to hear your opinion on which Dino I should run in my 2 vehicles (Both in Massachusetts) Temps are abt 35 in the AM here now.....we see temps in the low 90's over the summer. I am looking to stick with 3k OCI's 1) 00 Ford Explorer 4.0 SOHC (40k miles) I have been using Castrol GTX, but was thinking maybe I should experiment and try PennzOil, Chevron, or Halvoline (All avail in my local Wal-mart) This truck does very little towing, and is primarily used on the highway. I run the FL1A Filter on this truck. 2) 04 Honda Accord (1k miles) Mostly short trips, with some highway mixed in.
At 3k OCI anything that is SL rated and proper weight will work fine. Do what floats your boat.
ok thanks which weight oil would you guys go for on the Accord. the owners manual calls for 5w-20 but I wasnt sure if a 5w30 would be better.
Stick with the Castrol GTX. [Big Grin] [Big Grin] [Big Grin] I'd run the grade my owner's manual calls for. GTX should work fine for you.
I agree with the Castrol GTX. This is a realy good dino oil in the weights that you would need. If this where me I would use a synthetic but you stated a dino oil. Oh and did you really use to chase those big whales. [Big Grin] [Big Grin] [ March 03, 2004, 03:11 PM: Message edited by: TR3-2001SE ]
Xwhaler, we have an 02 Accord, have been running Pennzoil 5W-20, lots of highway driving, some city. It runs very nicely on that oil. Don't think you need to be afraid of the 5W-20s for your Honda based on the UOAs seen here.
Does your Explorer call for 5W-20? If so, you could easily run Motorcraft 5W-20 semi-synthetic in both vehicles. John
My choice would be the Motorcraft in the proper viscosity for both vehicles . 15 bucks for a case of 12 quarts at Walmart . The 5w-20 Ford specs are tougher to meet than the Honda spec and I might be premature but if the Motorcraft 30wts were not already up top with the the best two dino's it might be better now if it is formulated with Moly like I think it is . Just depends on how they went about it I guess. Off topic but I just sent a new batch to a lab for a VOA to confirm if or not on the moly thing .
Run the M1 5W-30's in both. My 02 Accord calls for the 5w20, but the M1 5w30 is actually a "thick" 5w20. You'll have one oil and less to worry about. On the Honda, the mpg went down just a tad, .5 to 1 mpg, but when I think of the better pressure and additive protection packages in this oil, it is sure worth it.
I posted this in another area, but i think it might be of some help here too. I belive the Havoline stuff is a very well ballenced package and Caltex, or as you might say Texaco has done alot of work over the years to prove that some of there engine oils with a 'mineral oil' base perform better in terms of engine wear and handling engine deposits etc than the Synthetics.
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