Dino oil question? Castrol GTX 10w30 vs Mobil Drive Clean 10w30

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Sep 17, 2002
Hi Everyone
In my 1995 Nissan Hardbody V6 4x4 71000 miles and my 1998 QX4 4x4 V6 52000 miles, I am using Castrol GTX 5w30 cold weather- Castrol GTX 10w30 warm weather. In both vehicles I use the Nissan factory filter changing both 3months 3000 miles wcf.Will the Mobil Drive Clean be a better choice for cold/ warm weather use? Will the Mobil Drive Clean offer better wear protection? Will the Mobil Drive Clean keep the engine cleaner? I have no complaints with Castrol GTX but I am simply trying to find the best all around dino oil off the shelve for my vehicles. Of course, I'm open to other dino oil suggestions off the shelve.

Thanks Guys
I think many on here prefer castrol dino over mobil drive clean. Interested in synthetics? OTC M1 is pricey but could even out if you extend the drain a bit. Just another option. I think Motorcraft oil is what I'd like to run if I were running dino. It's a syn. blend.
i agree w/ buster. i beleive the castrol is a better oil than the mobil from the posts i've read. the 5-30 in the winter and 10-30 in the winter seem like a good idea as well. how about pennzoil? it, and castrol seem to be favorite dinos. chevron seems to go over nicely as well. i beleive the pennzoil to have a good amount of moly in it to boot. buster, i beleive that the motorcraft 5-20 is the semi synthetic, the others are conventional dinos...pennz
If between those two, my pick would be the Castrol. Have used that as a dyno oil for a long time before switching to synthetic. What about Castrol HM for that 71,000 car? I really don't know if there are any major advantages to the high milage oil, but Vavoline Maxlife has been talked about pretty highly by people who use it.
With your conservative oil and filter change interval, I doubt that you'd see 20 miles of average engine life expectancy difference with any current or future dino formulation from the majors.
I'd say "steady as she goes with the Castrol" I think you have it about right.
I have used both in the past and personally,I really like the Mobil.My wife had a Trans Am she ran Castrol in,I changed it to Mobil on a whim and for price,the area around the inside of the valve cover near the oil filler cap looked cleaner.I broke in my new Dodge with Mobil as I think it has more detergent.Plus the Mobil is cheaper than Castrol

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I agree with Ray H. Odds are any brand of oil which meets SL would be fine if changed at 3,000 or so miles.

But if you want to be picky (and most of us here are), between the two, I'd have a hard time making up my mind. I'd probably lean towards to Castrol (now with a little moly in the formula) but they seem to be light on detergents. This oil seems to stay very clean throughout the drain interval but every oil you try following the use of Castrol for any length of time becomes dark very quickly. I assume this is the newer oil cleaning up residue whixh Castrol failed to hold is suspension.

For conventional oils (5W30/10W30) I'd prefer Chevron and/or Pennzoil to either of the above choices.

--- Bror Jace
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