Dino oil on sale...choice of three?

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Aug 13, 2002
Richmond, VA
Our local Advance Auto Stores are having a grand opening sale. Exxon Superflo, Formula Shell, and Mobil Drive Clean for 69 cents a quart. Thought I would grab a case for general use. Which one should I get? Thanks
I would get the Drive Clean first, then the Shell, then Exxon. Are they all SL rated?
I do have SuperTech, Mobil and Exxon in my comparison spreadsheet. Mobil always seemed to have the weakest specs. maybe because it's largely Group I. Doesn't that give it more detergency (Drive Clean) at the expense of stability. I know flash point can be over emphasized, but this always looks very low to me: 10W30 SuperTech Mobil Exxon Visc. 40c 73.2 70.0 71.7 Visc 100c 11.0 10.4 10.5 Visc. Indx 140 134 132 Flash-F 410 392 408 Pour-F -29 -33 -33 Low Pumping-C -25 x x
I agree with Jon; Mobil, Shell, then Exxon. Do a search in the Used Oil Analysis section, there have been some good results with Mobil Drive Clean, Joe
Is there still any difference between equivalent Exxon and Mobil products? How long have they been merged now?...it was before API-SL and ILSAC/GF-3 came along, so why would they spend the money to develop different equivalent products? Ken
Terry once said in an old post that test results from Exxon where not good at all. That's what i remember.
Mobil's flash point is 16 degrees lower than Exxon's and 18 degrees lower than the SuperTech, which despite its PZ/QS ownership supposedly (may) have Exxon basestocks if I remember Johnny's comments correctly. The SuperTech specs. were for SJ oil, which is probably improved in the SL.
The new SL rated oils are superior to the older formulations. I have had very low wear values in testing with the Exxon Superflo and additives like Auto-Rx to gain stability. Drawback is that It will not last much over 5000 miles without some volatility untreated. At that price any of those oils would be worth a try but may require help if you need to go longer than 3000 to 5000 mile drain interval. I haven't tested the Mobil and Shell to give a honest answer. The Exxon Superflo 10w-30 has lower wear test #'s by their own data sheets than the Exxon Syn 10w-30.
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