Dino at 3K vs. Syn at 6K

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Mar 24, 2003
Niles, IL
I don't change my own oil, I have it done at a place I trust. I need your advice on which is my best lubrication option, my vehicles are a Toyota 4.7L and a Honda 3.5L. I can use M1 syn oil with an M1 filter for about double the cost of Chevron oil with an inexpensive filter. What is better for my engines M1 at 6K intervals or dino at 3K intervals?
I think in the long run it will not matter if you change oil at 3000 miles with a good conventional motor oil or at 6000 miles with a good synthetic like Mobil 1. The results will probably be about the same. However, if you have somebody else change the oil, be sure you can trust that person. I once brought Mobil 1 oil and a oil filter to an oil change place and I caught them trying to rip me off-they were going to put conventional oil (of the wrong viscosity) in my engine and keep my Mobil 1. I caught them cold. You also have to make sure that they are using a good brand of oil, of the correct viscosity, and a good oil filter.
You are either getting a heck of a deal on M1 or paying way too much for Chevron. Here the M1 is about 4 times as much as Chevron dino (4.74 vs. 1.16). If you are getting a good price on the M1, I would use that simply for the cold start advantage of synthetic.
I'd have say go with Mobil 1 5W-30 or 10W-30. If you drive in average conditions, i.e. no towing/racing/extreme heat/ Mobil 1 should be good for at least 6k miles. I'm sure it will go 7.5k miles without any problems, especially 10W-30. If you drive less than 6 or 7.5k miles/year just do an oil change once a year (or every 10 months) - saves time, money, troubles, oil mess, and protection is much better with M1 for sure. Regards, [ January 24, 2004, 04:49 AM: Message edited by: Titanium_Alloy ]
Syn all the way!!!!!!!!!!! [Cheers!] Your engine will thank you long after 200,000 miles, plus your social or family life will not be sacrificed nearly as much. Free time is the essence of life. [Big Grin]
I personally run the Schaeffer's blend in my own car but my brother's experience is perfect for this discussion. He owns a 1999 F-150 4.6L v8 and used Motorcraft 10w30/820s filter for probably the first year he had it. He didn't change the oil himself so this system at 3,000 mile OCI's cost him around $25 dollars. For the past two years he has used Mobil 1 10w30/820s filter combo and at 6k mile OCI's his cost is around $35. He averages 18,000 miles per year and so he saves himself $45 by using Mobil 1.
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