Dino and synthetic and drain interval

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Aug 21, 2003
Hi, I am new to the forum. I never use synthetic, I always use AGIP Dino oil. And I go circuit racing about 6-10 times per year. I don't know if the way I treated my cars were right, but it was fine. I had bought a new integra R in year 2000. I oil change at 700km (3000rpm), 1500km (6000rpm), 3000km (8500rpm), then drain interval was 4000km thereafter. Then I oil change right after every track event. Engine doesn't burn any oil. engine oil pouring out of the engine is always clean (golden colour). Then I bought a new RSX-S at 2002. I did the same thing, the engine is running strong. Now, I just bought a 330Ci, the owner's manual said I have to use synthetic, so I don't know if I should stick with my old habit. Any inputs?
I think the reason why BMW recommends synthetic oil is because of their long suggested change intervals.I think you can stick with dino but with 3k intervals.
Exactly. The BMW service light system on late models calls for a change at 10-15,000 miles. That is even pushing it for the BMW/Castrol 5W-30 that BMW dealers use in North America. I think you get free service during the warranty period.
I would suggest that since you just spent $40,000 US that you follow BMW's recommendation and not void the warrantee. BMW's service interval is long (approx 15,000 miles) and given that BMW has recently started recommending lighter oils, I would stay with synthetic to ensure protection. The general consensus has been to change the oil once between each recommended interval (approx 7500 miles). I would recommend that you consider oils that are A3 rated, and API approved so there is no arguing about warrantee issues. These would include, Castrol Syntec 0w-30 (only the german made, identified by looking at the back for language that states, "Made in Germany"), Mobil 1 0w-40, the BMW Synthetic 5w-30, Kendall Synthetic 5w-40, Union 76 5w-40, and Valvoline Synthetic 5w-40. I would recommmend all of the above, noting that the BMW oil and Valvoline are Group III+ synthetics instead of the generally considered better group IV the others are. I would recommend Redline and Amsoil, but I don't believe their oils carry the actual A3 and API rating. While I believe they are both topnotch oils, if you have a problem with engine it would be best to avoid any problems with the dealer. Good Luck Cary [Welcome!]
Yes, if BMW says to use the synthetic, then definitely use it. Your oil change computer is set up with synthetic use in mind. That beautifully machined inline six should only be treated to the finest oil anyway--you will get slightly better performance that way. [Cheers!] Could be wrong, but it seems to me BMW has their own line of synthetics they recommend for use in these cars, although the Mobil would work fine.
thank you all. I can stick with my current habit, but I don't want to warranty to be void because of that. If I were to change to AMSOIL or Mobil, what would be the drain interval? I was using 2000miles when I used Dino (it was cheap, about $20US).
Use the M1 0w-40, change it when the service indicator lights are about halfway through the cycle, so about once every 6000-8000 miles. Cary
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