Dino and oil life monitor

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Jul 10, 2003
Houston, Tx.
I own a 99 Olds Intrigue with the 3.5l engine. I have read lately on how the oil life monitor works and I am about convinced to switch from Mobil 1 back to dino and using the oil life monitor as far as changes go. After I bought the car two years ago I put Mobil 1 in. It was spring in Houston. The oil life monitor allowed me approx. 7000 miles. At the next oil change I put dino in, same grade. Again I got 7000 miles per the monitor. I have since been running Mobil 1. I read a pretty convincing arguement that dino oils are lasting longer than originally thought. It has just about convinced me and I have been running syn for 15 years now. Is anyone out there using their oil life monitor with dino oils? I do not drive either of my vehicles that hard, and I could sure save some money as I change the oil myself. I know the prevalent opinion on this board is syn for extended drain intervals, but could GM possibly be right? http://www.gm.com/company/gmability/environment/gm_and_the_env/releases/oillife_monitor_041603.html
I'd ignore the monitor and change the Mobil 1 every 10,000 miles. It's still going to give you better engine cleanliness than any petroleum oil. That is the key factor in maintaining engine compression and performance once you get out past 100,000 miles ....

Dixie Synthetics
I think the GM monitor is probably good if you use Mobil 1 or equivalent.

I'd resist the temptation to change.

I agree with Too Slick.

I think you already got it right.
I also agree with TooSlick. I have been changing my son's GrandAm at about 6.5-7K miles with synthetics (based on the monitor) I would'nt want to go longer. GM's warranty is 36K on the engine. Think about it. If you have trouble with that one let me know

I think it all depends on what you want out of your car. If you want reasonable performance for 10 years/150K miles or so, use the monitor and you will be good to go. At the 150K mile mark, your engine won't be "like new" (diminished performance and higher emissions), but neither will the rest of the car. If you are diligent about changing the oil when the light comes on (and checking the level etc.) you will be all set. How heavy your foot is and the conditions under which you drive the car are the biggest factors IMO.

I'm using Mobil1 and changing it at 7500 miles or a year (maybe 10K after the warrantee is up). I do this because I'm mentally ill about oil. For most people's driving (12-15K miles per year)the most effective strategy would be to follow that oil light and plan on getting a new ride every 10 years or so. How many people drive cars much longer than that (by choice I mean)? I admire those people but can't seem to do it myself. If you drove a ton (20K + miles/yr) you really can reap the benefits of "extended" drains per the Amsoil program.
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