Difference between Havoline and Chevron?

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Jan 20, 2004
I actually managed to find Chevron in my area, I've never even seen a bottle before. [Roll Eyes] The problem is that it is at Checker, so the price isn't that great. [Thumbs Down!] So is there a difference between Chevron and Havoline? The specs look the same on there site, but what about addatives? Is it worth the 10-15 cents more a bottle? thanks -T
Originally posted by T-Keith: Is it worth the 10-15 cents more a bottle?
IMO, no. Chevron no doubt blends these oils differently, but both are going to use Chevron's IsoSyn Group II and/or Group II+ base oils. Either oil should give you excellent service with normal drain intervals.
Checker has Chevron Supreme oil on sale for .99/cents plus there is a rebate that will bring it down to .69/cents / quart.
If you do a search you will find where lab reports are usually showing Chevron to be showing a lower (off spec.) flash point from the Havoline. I would go with the Havoline, since it seem at least equal in all other respects. No one has an answer for this discrepancy as yet as far as I know. Havoline [Big Grin] [Big Grin] [Big Grin]
Thanks guys, I guess I'll pick up some Havoline, and see how it works. [Smile] -T
T- I haven't done the taste test yet ( [Eek!] ) but they do LOOK the same coming out the bottle ( [Smile] ) I think you will do fine with either of them...Kmart puts the Havoline on sale every couple of months for $1/qt (at least around here anyway!!!) see ya Rando
I've had a taste of havoline, although I prefer mountain dew. [Big Grin] Chevron and Havoline are the only dino fluids I use, I've never noticed any difference between the two of them.
This isn't directly related to your question, but it may be worth your while to check your local Sunday paper for a Checker advertising section. Kragen, the variety of Checker/Schuck's/Kragen found in SoCal, has a four-page section in every Sunday edition of the LA Times. Every so often they'll have a coupon-based sale on Chevron oil. Typically the coupon drops the price to 99 cents/qt at the register, with a mail-in rebate dropping full-case purchases even more. I have no idea how nationally coordinated these are, so it may or may not be relevant that such a sale seems to be going on here right now. I've found that patience and buying by the case where practical means that even the major brands of dino oil and ATF can be had for under (sometimes well under) a dollar a quart. [Cool]
Thanks for the idea, but this is the only Checker that I've been to that has Chevron, so I doubt I'll see it in an add. I'll keep an eye out though. -T
I've used Havoline for years with no issues. Have you tried looking for Chevron at WalMart? I think it sells for 1.14/qt at our local store.
Checker is the only common retail source of Chevron in MN. Wal-mart here carries Havoline but not Chevron. Most folks here have never heard of Chevron - they don't sell gas here and are for all intensive purposes invisible. If it were me, the Havoline works fine...
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