Diesel in gasoline to free up stuck injector?

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Mar 21, 2005
Elderly County, Florida
Greetings and warm salutations in the land of the great Bitog!

A quirkie question: I'm thinking that "Thunder the Wonder Pig" is struggling with a stuck fuel injector. At times the car has plenty of power and on occasion, it's a little burpy. I've used all manner of fuel additives, (Seafoam, MMO, B-12 Chemtool, Techron, Lucas), and slowly, it's been getting better and better - but it's still not 100 percent.

I read on another post about making your own "Seafoam." which, it turns out, has as one of it's key ingredients, number 2 diesel fuel.

My question therefore is this, would it be possible to add say, a pint or two of number two diesel fuel to my gas tank to mix with the gasoline and thus free up my injector. I'm thinking that with this light mixture, it wouldn't harm anything combustion wise but would work to lube any and all moving parts in the system.

Has anyone ever done this or heard of it being done. I've got a five gallon can filled with number two and am itching to give it a try.

On another note, what about two cycle oil? Would this work as well to do the same thing. I've got a whole gallon of this stuff and an almost empty fuel tank in "Thunder the Wonder Pig." I see a vision of a trip to the service station tonight.

Thanks in Advance
Try a large bottle of Gumout all in one or a bottle of crc guaranteed to pass fuel system cleaner. Both are heavy on pea with the crc actually posting % on data sheet, approximately 20% iirc.
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replace the injector(s).


That would be the super smart way to go. The problem, however, is that I'm not one hundred percent sure it's the injector. So far, I've replaced the EGR valve, spark plugs, fuel filter, air filter, and throttle position sensor. With each thing replaced, it does run better and has more power, (much more than when I started), but it's still not at 100 percent. So really I'm just guessing it's a fuel injector. I've noticed with each additive, it runs better and cuts out less and less, (got on it on the highway today and it ran like a scalded dog), but it's still kinda burpy at times.
I would use a almost pure concentration of cleaner in the filter and run it till it gets to the engine and then shut it off and wait a day then run it normally.
My vote is to replace the injector, or even the whole set. A bottle of magic elixir will not fix an injector that is simply wore out.
Have you checked your fuel pressure? Fuel pressure regulators fail more often than injectors in many applications.
Remove the injector and clean it yourself or send it to Witch Hunter in Bothell, Washington which will flow test it before cleaning, ultrasonic clean and replace internal parts then flow test it post-cleaning.
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