Diesel fuel prices

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Sep 6, 2003
Loveland, Ohio
I haven't been paying much attention to diesel prices for a while, but just noticed it is selling for 30 cents a gallon less than regular. It used to be higher than premium. Are we back to summer low prices again or are prices coming down because costs of changing over to low sulfur fuel have been recouped?
No the guy that sets prices is on vacation!

No, seriously though... I don't know because nothing with Gas or Diesel prices seems to make any sense anymore.
I'm going with the less commercial truck traffic theory.

IMO the "low sulfur" price gouge was probably half real, half phony excuse.

Last winter and into spring #2 home heating oil was cheap so I topped off my house as I expect many others did, meaning there'll be less demand this summer and fall.
The mail capital costs for HDS reactors and SR reactors have been paid for... the only increases now are new refineries and new catalyst, which can be amortized over long-term duration like they currently do for cat crackers, etc.

SO since the equipment is paid for, they can charge less again...
depends on your location..In some areas it is still high then 87 for the past 8 years..

Today I noticed 87 at $2.61 and diesel 2.83...LOL
I started noticing this trend in my neck of the woods about the end of April or early May -- diesel is either at or slightly below 87 Unleaded. First time in years that I've noticed this. The explanations above all make sense.
Ohhh , you want to get your selves over here, 1£ 10p a litre

total rip off,

still the gov officials have got to get their ill gotten expenses from some where

regards Marcus
I'm sure its just a temporary glut as the part of the barrel where the diesel comes from is also resposible for jet fuel and home heating oil, neither of which is in great demand currently?
Diesel's been selling for 10c cheaper than "regular" for a couple months down here.

Only just started climbing again.
The 30 cent difference may have been a momentary thing due to changing prices, I saw it at a Kroger store but later at a different Kroger it was only 8 cents lower....
Diesel is over 60 cents a litre cheaper over here,but there is no road tax on diesel,that is payed separately.Diesel is under $1 a litre now.
Our food distributor started charging our restaurants a $8/order fuel surcharge when oil was $1.30/litre back last summer and yet oil here had falled to almost $0.80/litre and they didn't remove the surcharge.

Fuel is now back up to $1.00/litre here and they are talking about increasing the surcharge.
meanwhile it's still $0.30 cheaper than it was last year!

4.4 Litres = 1 US Gallon (For comparison)
same for heating oil . They figure yeh have no choice . Bend over and ( I )ume the position .
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same for heating oil . They figure yeh have no choice . Bend over and assume the position ( . ) .
This Emoticon describes the process well.
Hey Smoke-it, how odd, my refuse collector just went down $1/week due to lower fuel prices? Reality is probably losing customers as I see lots of dumping at odd hours into containers which aren't their own!
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