Diesel car or SUV dead?

Jun 1, 2005
Saint Paul (ex-San Diego)
In the GasBuddy poll from a week ago, 42% of respondents said their primary vehicle gets 15-25 mpg; 32% said theirs gets 32%; and only 14% gets over 35 mpg.

As someone who is currently averaging 43-44 mpg, and with the current price of diesel around $5.10-$5.30 per gallon, I'm paying about 12 cents/mile for fuel and I think that's pretty cheap compared to what most folks are spending.

I follow the price trends for VW TDIs fairly closely and demand seems to be differentiated according to the vehicle generation. Demand for the rotary-injection-pump generation (2003 and earlier) is very strong and prices have risen at least 50% in the last two years. Rust is the major issue with those vehicles, but rust-free models with good maintenance records can go over $6000 for Golfs and Jettas, and over $8000 for prime Jetta wagons. Those the pumpe-duse injection system (2005-2006) are slightly less in demand, but have still risen in price. The newer common-rail (CR) models (2009-2015) have had a great many problems related to the emissions systems, and the clock is ticking on the very generous Dieselgate warranties for those models. A lack of trust in the CR TDIs may be the reason for stronger demand for the older and less-complex models.

I don't know anything about demand for Mercedes, BMW, RangeRover, or other diesel cars.