Did Terrorists Benefit From Oil-for-Food?

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Mar 19, 2004
Thursday, September 23, 2004 By Eric Shawn http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,133212,00.html NEW YORK — Investigators into the Oil-for-Food scandal at the United Nations are exploring a chilling possibility, that the U.N. humanitarian program may have funded terrorists — including possibly Al Qaeda. Juan Zarate (search), the assistant Treasury secretary in the newly formed Office of Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, said the U.S. government is “very concerned” about what happened with the Oil-for-Food program that he said “provided [former Iraqi dictator] Saddam Hussein a vehicle … to do exactly what he wanted to do.” “The problem though is complicated,” Zarate said. “There’s a wide source of potential funding for groups who want to do us harm.” [Editor's Note: This is one in a series of articles about the U.N. Oil-for-Food program. Check back tomorrow for the final installment.] One thing Saddam wanted to do was buy weapons to use against the United States, Zarate said. Selling arms to Saddam was illegal under U.N. sanctions in place after the first Gulf War ended in 1991 but Oil-for-Food (search), which began in late 1996, gave him the money — and the network to skirt the ban. Case in point: the Al Wasel and Babel General Trading Company (search), which was established in 1999 in the United Arab Emirates to do business under the Oil-for-Food program.
Saddam used to award $10K to $25K to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers in Israel, but I don't think that is the kind of terrorist support you are thinking about.
I think Saddam kept the money for himself and also supported terrorism. The money kinda all went into and came out of the same pocket. .02.
Even if we haven't found the WMD all the world thought he had, Saddam had to go, and the sooner the better. Yes things are a mess now. Pledging an early withdrawal will make sure it stays that way.
My wife is a nurse and took care of an Iraq war veteran last night (for a problem not related to the war). He said there are a couple of known hot spots (Fallujah, Sunni triangle) but the progress elesewhere is staggering - building new schools and hospitals for example - most all done by the US army. The US army is incredibly popular in 90+ % of Iraq. [Patriot] Tune in the local TV news any night of the week. Pretty much every story is negative - murders, fires, accidents, robberies, rapes, etc.. For some reason humans want to be informed of others misfortunes. The huge positives in our communities are generally not considered newsworthy. The objective now is to ensure Iraqi elections take place in early 2005.
"but the progress elesewhere is staggering - building new schools and hospitals for example - most all done by the US army. The US army is incredibly popular in 90+ % of Iraq." I am SURE that Dan(King)Rather will be telling this on the news. After all,he is a changed man after the last fiasco. [Roll Eyes]
I made no comment at all about whatever the facts are, I just added a thought that struck me as I read. Maybe I should've started another thread, but I was feeling lazy. Forgive me.
I just heard on the radio today a poll was taken by al Jazeer radio or TV after the beheadings of those who feel abducting people in Iraq is OK to do. 93% said they think it is a good idea. A [Mad] shocking # by a Hitler type people. [Dummy!]
dropitby, I don't think Hitler was this barbaric!...o.k. yes he was...they rate about the same in evil barbaric, inhumane, deeds. If anyone gets a chance to look at some of the website photos of the recent beheadings... look at how one of the hooded bast***'s holds up the severed head like a trophy. Looking at it with evil curiosity. Sick S.O.B. They want to make it a religious war...well watch out...keep up this type of hideous, evil behavior and they just may get one! Oh, one other comment, I've got to reply to the comment about the Israeli terrorists... come on now...we all know that is really not true. There is a difference between killing other armed groups known as "the enemy", usually in uniform...but I don't think they were SPECIFICALLY targeting innocent women and children on buses in a busy street market with suicide (homicide) bombers?...now were they?
It could be said that several of the powers that be at the UN care little about the world.It seems that they cared only about how much money they could get from Hussein. It is ironic that France,a supposed ally,decided NOT to help in Iraq and now this comes up. France and others seem to have been taking payments to 'ignore' Iraq and the things going on there.It also seems that some in the UN were doing the same thing. Considering what in all likely hood was going on,it is NO wonder that France and others,including the UN,did not want to do anything about Iraq. They were getting their pockets lined for turning their heads. This really irritates me [Patriot] .I believe that it is only a matter of time before France needs OUR help. When this happens,WE should do to them as they have done to us.We should let THEM fight and do their own defending for once in a LOOOONG time.If they fail in doing so,they have NO one to blame but themselves. After all,the US is a terrible country [Roll Eyes] ,we wouldn't want to interfere in the affairs of France,a sovereign nation. Yes,it seems that others were involved,however,they have somewhat redeemed themselves by supporting the US in the removal of Hussein.
An often overlooked fact is that many of the men who were leaders of Israel used to be terrorists themselves, including a winner of the Nobel prize. Not that they beheaded people or flew airplanes into buildings full of civilians, but still...
GreenElixer, WE helped make it a religious war when we pointd the Afghanis in that direction against the Russians. You know...the enemy of my enemy etc etc.
Originally posted by Shannow: You know...the enemy of my enemy etc etc.
I have been saying this about Bin Laden and Hussein yet it seems as if it didn't apply.Why not? Of course there's not going to be an 'official' record by either of such.To think there would be is a little naive.
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