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Aug 20, 2003
I have a 97 Tbird with a 4.6 in it, I got the car about two months ago with about 112,000 miles on it so today about a 1000 miles later I did a oil change, I used 5 quarts of Castarol SAE40, and a Motocraft oil filter, can't remember the part# for that. I also added a small bottle of STP oil treatment. What do you guys think of this combo, also I live in the hot climate of Florida, with some nasty driving which includes few high rpms, and a lot of short distance driving. Looking forward to all the inputs.

P.S right after the oil change I started the car and it sounded like bearing noise, but it quickly went away 2-3 seconds later.
That start up noise leads me to thing you need something thinner when cold. It that was a straight 40 weight, try a 10W-40 next time. If it was something W-40, look for something less W-40 next time. Even Florida will be a little cooler by your next oil change. The checking I have done shows AC's are good filters. I would expect Motorcraft is a good choice for a Ford product. You just need a lower viscosity when cold.
Thanks a lot for your help, at first I was thinking maybe the Oil Filter has a terrible flow for the noise to occur, but I don't know much about Purolator Oil Filters, since that is what Motorcrafts are. What are your comments on the STP oil additive, its the one that comes in the little blue bottle.
10W-30 or 10W-40 would be a far better choice. Just be sure it meets the latest API specification of SL. I think that a straight 40 wt oil is way too thick even in Florida. That oil will be very thick for the first few minutes until the engine is warmed up. It will also have a negative effect on fuel economy. Chevron Supreme, Havoline, Pennzoil and Castrol are cheap conventional oils that have shown good performance in used oil analysis. I would suggest trying 10W-30 motor oil and if you have high consumption then switch to 10W-40. I have a friend that owns a 1999 Ford Expedition with a 5.4L V8 and he does not have to add any oil in 3,000 miles and that is with Pennzoil 5W-20! I think he said he as about 110,000 miles.
My daily driver 95 windstar 125,000 miler has SAE 40 in the crankcase right now.
Its comming up to the 4,000 mile mark.
I do a UOA on the oil every week or so.
When it looks black, I'll change it.
Thats my UOA, and its always worked for me.
I'm wondering when and if it will consume any oil before the 6,000 mile mark.
For the fall, I'll use a straight 30 that has a reasonably high VI, like your Mobil 1330 has.
As soon as the cold weather hits, in goes the multi-grade synthetic or group III.
I average about 2,000 miles per month.
Do your self a favor and leave the additive blending to the oil companies.
How is the orange crop this year?
Thanks for the help guy. Next Oil change I am thinkin about sending this oil for a UOA, see what kinda results I got out of it. The oranges are doing great over here, there is to many of them. Tropicana is an hour away from me, but you just can't beat fresh squeezed juice
Sin City is right on with his recommendations. That 4.6 L SOHC engine is fairly tight and you shouldn't need any oil thicker than 10W-30. Your's is relatively new, 1997, and I believe that 5W-30 oil is what's called for in the owner's manual, but with you being in Fl. a 10W-30 should be ideal. As Patman has said "thickerer ain't always betterer". Sorry Patman I'm not too good at translating Canadian into American
J/K! There is a good chance you'll show more wear using the xxW-40 weight oil versus a xxW-30 weight. And using a straight 40 weight oil will probably show even more wear in that engine. Of course if the engine has been abused and is using/smoking then maybe a xxW-40 will buy you some time.
Sin City, your friend with the 99 Expi who is running the Pennzoil 5W-20, is he in heat of Las Vegas? If so I think that goes to further vindicate the use of quality 5W-20 oils in engines that were ORIGINALLY spec'd for it or TSB'd for it.

STP? Save yourself time and trouble and just throw the money it cost into the trashcan. Neither you nor I can improve on the oil formulation the oil company organic chemists brewed up for us. If you feel the need for better oil, buy better oil, don't attempt home-brew.

Whimsey, yes he lives in Las Vegas. It was a cool 100 F today but we often see temps of 108 F and higher. He was using 10W-40 in the past and I showed him an article about Fords new recommendations for 5W-20 motor oil in older Fords and also their more demanding requirements for Ford approved 5W-20 motor oil. His oil consumption is exactly the same as with 10W-40. If he does a lot of towing he might have to add about 1/2 a quart. If not much towing then no makeup oil in 3,000 miles. He said the engine sounds the same as when he was using 10W-40. I stated his Expedition was a 1999 but it is really a 1997. That explains all the mileage. When they start producing API GF-4 motor oil next summer I will suggest he switch to 5W-30 motor oil since he will probably have about 125,000+ miles by then.

I think the key reason for Fords apparent success with 5W-20 motor oil is the far more demanding requirements such as the double length Sequence IIIF test with lower viscosity increase limits and also the lower limits for the TEOST deposit test. The only problems I anticipate with the 5W-20 motor oils is people using this grade in cars that are badly worn or some cars that require much thicker oil. I think the 5W-20 oils with their far more demanding requirements are a real bargain when they can be purchased for the same price as other viscosities. Some stores sell all the different viscosities for the same price so when they are on sale it is a bargain. I also think that Fords WSS-M2C153H specification is close to the upcoming API GF-4 in its severity.

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The bearing noise after an oil change occures before the filter fills up with oil.
Engine oil pressure is zero until the filter fills up.
Unless your engine has its oil filter mounted vertically, it cannot be filled up completly before installing.
At all times:
To avoid damage do not rev up your engine before the oil pressure is normal.
PS; I like your choice of oil, and Tropicana.
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