Did I get the Sales Department?

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Aug 6, 2003
Bribie Island, Oz
I run a Ford Windsor V8 fueled by LPG/petrol and use a special engine oil for this purpose. I was checking the specs for the Shell LPG oil and noticed they didn't list a Sulphated Ash% or a TBN. I sent them an email, this is it and the reply
> >Your Comments or Inquiry : Re your product Shell Helix Super LPG > >engine oil. > >1. What is the sulphated ash as mass % ? > >2. What is the TBN? > > > > Thanks > >Dave. Sent: Wednesday, 15 October 2003 11:14 Subject: SHELL REFERENCE 59178054 RE: Tell Shell - Technical Enquiry > Hi Dave > The properties your are asking about don't relate to LPG engijnes. We are > interested in what he plan to use the data for? > > regards Shell Technical 1300 134 205
Does anyone else think this is a strange reply from Shell Technical or did I get the Sales Rep? Dave [ October 15, 2003, 03:36 AM: Message edited by: DavoNF ]
Dave, there's so many Shell helixes (helices ?) that their tech boys must be getting confused also. Their helix diesel doesn't even meet the CH-4. Give up, and use Delo 400, Pennzoil Long Life, or some other dual rated oil. I've been suspicious about these "gas" angine oils (gas being LPG/propane).
Hi, DavoNF - too right a strange reply!! I have always found the Shell people very helpful and much better than most Trainees? - probably "illegals" were you switched to Coomera or Woomera? Regards
Yeah, I was just composing a spreadsheet list of all available LPG oils and their different specs. Shell was the only 1 in 5 that didn't provide a TBN or sulphated ash. Oh well, I wasn't going to use it anyway. [Big Grin] cheers Dave
No use the BP Autogas 15W40 which we just discovered is a banzai gas engine oil. Timkens at 120lbs and pretty cheap. A 205-litre drum is $372 or $1.81 a litre. BP distributor the place to buy and I believe they have 20-litre drums. A good idea to run a gas specific engine oil in LPG engines. And if the Helix gas is anything like Helix Ultra 5W40 forget it! Good luck..s
sprintman, I'm wondering what is necessary in a gas only engine oil ? The fuel is a gas, and thus creates no dilution issues. Has a trace of sulfur dioxide (literally ppm) to let you know that it's leaking. The oil stays in "as new condition" (visually at least) for far longer than the oil should remain in the engine. I honestly think that the concept of gas engine oils is a marketing ploy.
Shannow I see far lower level Sulphated ash (check TDS of any of em) and I see BP say "incorporating a new low ash, high dispersant, Nitration resistant formulation". Visco Autogas sure Timkens well FWIW?
The properties your are asking about don't relate to LPG engijnes. We are interested in what he plan to use the data for?
Did Tarzan answer your email?? Yikes!! [LOL!] It's none of their business what you plan to use the info for!! Guess they don't want your business??
Well I sent Shell Technical another email, stating that I think suph. ash and TBN are important to me, and "everybody else" provides those figures. So I'll see what sort of reply I get this time. Dave [ October 17, 2003, 02:58 PM: Message edited by: DavoNF ]
Well, I got a reply back from Shell.
Properties you requested are: TBN 8.2 mg.KOH/g Sulphated Ash 1.03 % Regards Shell TAC >Please direct all replies to [email protected]
Took 3 attempts, but I got it! What lousy customer relations. Dave
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