Did I choose the wrong wheel bearing grease?

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Dec 30, 2008
Have a pace single axle enclosed trailer. It is really loaded down with tools and equipment, sometimes I wonder if I might be pushing it a little to hard with how much I load it coupled with the weight of my heavy right foot but it has continued to serve me well for almost 14 years. This winter I decide to do some additional maint and repairs to it since work has been slow so I decide to pull the wheels, brakes and bearings and replace them with new since the trailer has an estimated 100,000 miles on it. Well, now I've cleaned out all the grease and started repacking with new grease and bearings only I can't seem to decide on a grease. I did decide to go with a synthetic since I work it pretty hard with a heavy load and don't always check the bearings on a timely basis. Ended up with Amsoil series 2000 racing grease (was on the self at local auto parts store) but now I'm concerned that this may not be the best choice for my application. Read somewhere that the racing grease may wash out and that a more all purpose synthetic might be a better choice. I saw this "Green Grease" on the shelf at auto zone but I don't know anything about it. I would like to use a robust synthetic. Am I overthinking this? Will the Amsoil Racing grease be good or should I use a different grease for my rode hard put up wet trailer?
Oh, forgot to mention that the trailer has drum brakes on it now but I'd like to make the switch to disk brakes sometime in the near future. I know I'll have to switch out the drums for disk which is the component that the bearing race is housed but I didn't want to leave out any info. Thanks!
I wouldn't worry about the Amsoil grease as long as it is rated for wheel bearing service. Any grease rated NLGI #2 and GC-LB is fine for wheel bearings, both disc and drum brakes with the exception of boat trailer wheel bearings.
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