Determining rotor EOL when pads last forever

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Dec 14, 2002
New Jersey
04 Saab, 60 k. Pad material is original from when I bought the car new. I drive very gently and rarely wear out brakes. The wheels on my car are very open, so the rotors surface rust. It scrapes right off with a little driving, but since the car sits for long periods, the rust gets on there pretty good, and the rotors are fairly rusty. Is there any reason to condemn the rotors (assuming they are thick enough) if there is plenty of pad? A typical rotor after sitting a few weeks:
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Delamination issues? Thickness issues? Runout issues? If no to all of the above, no reason to replace.
No issues, and plenty of pad.
The only issues I've had with rusty rotors is that when the rust gets scraped off initially it can really give a wonky pedal feel.
When sufficient rust scales build up within the cooling vane passages, then you might consider swapping them for new ones. Might be a good idea to hit the disc mating face to the wheel with a light wire brush, gives the wheel a clean contact surface and reduces the risk of runout/shimy issues.
Ive never had any issues with shimmy or anything but noise when the rust wears off. They wear clean to nice bright steel. Ill post pics of that when I think of it. No blisters that Im aware of.
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