Determining Honda OCI by months instead of miles

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Apr 21, 2003
This might be just a hypothetical question, since I'm not sure what I will do. I'm thinking about running regular high-quality 5W-20 in my Honda CR-V.

Normal Service = 10,000 miles/1year
Severe Service = 5,000 miles/6months.

For the sake of argument let's assume that these recommended intervals for the CR-V are 'reasonable' for a long engine life. Should I use MONTHS instead of MILES to vary my drain intervals on the a poor man's Oil Life Monitor?

For my use, the only 'severe service' factors that might apply would be 1) short trips and 2) de-iced roads.

Would it make the most sense to just change the oil every 6 months (Apr and Oct), assuming that I traveled
I figure that if I rack up 7500-10000 miles in 6 months, I'm doing plenty of easy highway miles. Likewise, regardless of mileage...after 6 months of cold, salty winter it's time to change.

What do you think?
Like you say, after 6 months' time, you'll know whether to apply the normal or severe schedule. Decide then. Convenience also counts.
I'd change it less than 4,000 miles if it is new, up to 10k. I'm doing that in my 2005 Accord.

After 10k, I'm going to go to 5k mile OCI and still be using Havoline 5W20.
I'd go every six months, similar to how you said. The only other thing I'd do is get the factory fill out of there after no more than 2000 miles, OR change the filter at 500 miles (using a Filtech or PureOne, or other fine filter). Probably no matter what you do, that engine will run a long, long time. If it's an automatic, the engine will most likely last much longer than the transmission! With the Honda automatics, that's probably the weak spot that would be smart to spend much more time keeping in tip-top condition with fresh fluid.

Already done on the 'early dump'!

I'm definitely leaning toward my 6-month plan. Like a redneck oil life monitor
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