Detailed the car during vacation

Jan 12, 2005
First full exterior detail since I got it in November. While there were no visible swirls/marring, I've been a bit dissatisfied with the clarity and gloss of the paint so I decided to do some polishing. Thanks for reading [Linked Image] [Linked Image] [Linked Image] [Linked Image]
white paint likes pure carnauba to get that wet shine. i found using meguiard #7 glaze as a wipe on wipw off prior ti a non cleaning carnuba P21s or meguiars yellow wax gave a oily wet shine that was not mirror like that the sealants (Zaino) gave it. beading doesn't last long (~1month) for this type of finish so it was just when i felt nostalgic. most of the time it got the sealant for protection from bugs and bird bombs,
It does look very good.....whenever I wax/polish my car...I hate to take it out because it doesn't take long to get dirty again. That's why I'm not as anal about wax/polish products as I am about oil, ATF, coolant etc...I even use regular old Turtle Wax that I got on sale at AA for $1.65 a bottle. PS: The Civic SI is very nice does it use the 1.5T or the 2.0T?
Thanks everyone! Here's what I did : - 2 bucket wash with Meguiar's Hyperwash - foam cannon with Chemical Guys Honeydew wash - clayed with Mother's Speed clay - iron decon with Meguiar's D2002 (would probably just get the Ultimate All Wheel cleaner in the future) - polished (usually this would be the correction step but there wasn't any visible swirling) with Meguiar's Ultimate Compound to smooth out the paint, remove old coating, and enhance gloss - finishing polish with Meguiar's M205 to further enhance gloss - ceramic coating with Optimum Gloss Coat - topped with Turtle Wax Ceramic Spray Coating for a sacrificial barrier until the coating fully cures