Delvac SJ in a New Engine?

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Sep 13, 2003
What is the difference between an SJ and an SL rated oil? Im pretty sure it wont "hurt" an engine, but is there something special in the SL over the SJ?
Honda used the same engine in the Acura/Honda Integra for over 10 years; in that time the engine never changed, but the oil recommendation changed three times. SH, then SJ, finally SL.

Some people believe the older spec. oils may actually provide superior protection, given the higher allowable levels of certain additives.

The bottom line is an SJ oil will not hurt your engine.

geeman hit the nail on the head, one motor, 3 different oil recommendations. Considering it's Delvac SJ, you'll be fine.

I still shudder at the site of SF oil at WalMart. Using this crap, I'm sure it would be detrimental to any new engine.
I would input that I would go for more protection as a cat cost is less than an engine and amsoil and redline users don't worry about high add. packages. Its like saying reduce our dependence on foreign oil by using syn oil . you use how much gas per year? compared to how much oil? oil is a byproduct compared to the gasoline.
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