Delvac ! as an alternative to ester based cleaners like Auto Rx???

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Jun 19, 2003
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
Hello, I have been pondering this for a while, spending money on Auto Rx (even tough I believe it is great) is not in my case an option I would like instead try Delvac 1 5W-40 in mmum's 3.1 V6 with 209,000km or 193,000 miles. Since it is ester based and has got TBN of 12 it should do a good job of cleaning the engine. The engine has been properly maintained with mostly dino oils,it had been filled with M1 10W-30 3 times in its life and twice with Pennzoil Performax. It is relatively clean and has no leaks , but I can see looking dowm oil fill hole some varnish that I can scrape of with my finger nail.
My experience with the Amsoil S2000/S3000 oils would indicate that you can clean out an engine using any synthetic oil with a significant # of organic ester basestock. I'd expect this process to take 16,000-25,000 km and I'd reduce the oil filter change interval by 50% during this period. I'd start out changing oil filters every 5000 km, as the first 1-2 will clog quickly and oil consumption will increase .... If you have question, please email me - I've been through this many times. Tooslick
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