Delvac 1300 super?

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Apr 29, 2006
san jose, cal
I went down to walmart and picked up a 4qt jug of Delvac 1300 super 15-40 to try out in my '81 chevy 250 6cyl. The motor seems to like it so far.

Anyways the motor leaks a little so I need a top-off oil. I don't really want to buy another 4qt jug just for topping-off as it usually only needs 1/2 a qt per OCI.

Any suggestions?

at least they used to sell quarts...

Your engine surely took more than 4 qts a the oil change... didnt you buy 2 jugs?

If you like the oil, why not buy another jug (it is the most cost effective per quart price), then keep the remains for the next change?

believe it or not West Marine sells delvac 15-40 in quarts or 4qts containers for about the same price as walmart

Actually it only takes 4qts for some reason.

I'd like to carry a qt with me just in case.

I don't think there is a West Marine around here,but I'll check.

Delo 400? I think I seen some qts at the Kragens,I'll have to check that out if I can't find a qt of Delvac.

Thanks again, vince
They usually carry quarts of the 30 weight Delo at my Wally World. I'd have no problem using that as topup oil. You're a little on the heavy side by some standards no worries. You can always grab a quart of MC 15w-40 ..that should be in Wally World too. I'd normallly like to stay in the same brand/product ..but if you need to carry a quart for spot needs ..that would work.
You'll get different opinions on this, but I've always believed in staying within the same family of oils when mixing.

If you're only talking about 1/2 qt., then just about any weight would do. You're not going to change the viscosity much, even if you use 5W-20. I'd say just use some Exxon Superflo 10W-40 or 20W-50. It's decent enough oil at a bargain price.

Mobil Clean 5000 is another option.

Some folks hate the fact that the Superflo and Clean 5000 contain sodium as an additive. It's only an issue, however, if you're running UOAs.
Well actually I originally went to Walmart to buy Delo and they were out of stock so I bought the Delvac. Not thinking (brain ****) I didn't realize it was a 4qt jug, thought it was a 5qt jug. I shouldn't need to top-off for a while so I'm keeping my eye out for qts,if all else fails I guess I'll buy another 4qt jug.

I'd just use cheaper 10-30 or 10-40 Mobil 5000 by the qt since by the time you add it you're probably past mid OCI anyway.
Delvac is good stuff.

MadMike, they are all good. I don't think that you will be disappointed with any of them, so shop for best price.
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