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Jun 19, 2002
Santa Fe,N.M.
Hi,anyone have something on DELVAC-1? I'm ready to get it for the summer.All the good stuff,but some evidence would be nice.Guess,I'll hang at truck stop. Ron [Cool]
Ron, There are plenty of UOAs and threads with testimonials on this oil. Your best bet is to do a search. -Paul [ April 30, 2003, 12:36 AM: Message edited by: Paul ]
I think it's a great oil-maybe the best. I'm getting ready to do a UOA on one in the next week or so (2000 GrandAm). Great for extended drains and especially good for you in Florida.
Well,thanks Paul. I did search but can't come up with any meaningfull results on D1 (other than that honda motorbike)! Guess I'll wait for Al's UOA numbers.Go Al! Ron [Roll Eyes]
No need for sarcasm, Ron. You didn't mention anything about you doing a search. Over the months I have seen plenty of discussions with regards to D1 on this board, so my suggestion was to try and help you. Cheers, Paul
Try looking in the diesel UOA. There's one there. Basing your decision on one or two UOA is a crap shoot.
Well, I got some D-1 anyway.I'll run it this summer in my Ford E150 van for about 6k miles. Afterwards,I'd like to compare it to my Blackstone analysis on Syntec 5w50. Thanks Paul,no harm intended. Ron [Big Grin]
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