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Jul 1, 2002
Northwestern PA
Would there be any problems using Delvac 1
5-40wt engine oil, in a 2002 Dodge 4x4 truck?
I planed to use Mobil 1, at the first oil change,
but after seeing Bob,s film clip on Mobile 1 and
how poor it did. It seemed the Diesel oils did well. Would the higher ash level be a problem?
Dodge calls for 10w-30, how far off cauld the 5-40
I'm sure there will be a lot to disagree with me but, while under warr, I highly recommend to stay with the recommended specified api certification and wt oil otherwise you risk losing your warr.
I guess my thoughts are slighty different than Bob's
(just kidding). Here is what Mobil says:

Delvac 1 is an excellent gasoline engine oil. Delvac 1 meets the API SJ service classification, which covers most gasoline automobile engines

If you are worried- just grab some previous or other oil receipts. (I hate to lie, but it comes more natural lately since today it seems you need to "Screw or be screwed". Also theoretically the Manufacturer has to prove your Delvac 1 damaged the vehicle (I personally though think this path is filled with danger for you).

Delvac 1 is a superior motor oil for gasoline or diesel engines. I've used it in 3 gasoline vehicles (Subaru/Mazda turbo/Ford) and engine cleanliness is exceptional. Far better anti-wear than std M1 and a 5W40 is a good all round viscosity. Not a cheap oil by any standard but is there any other oil on the market rebadged and sold under so many different names??? Check the spec on Mobil's web site.
It's very expensive up here. For a while I have seen 5L jugs of the normal Mobil 1 for $25.40, but a smaller 4L jug of Delvac 1 is $36!
Who mentioned best?

Superior, well respected, but no one mentioned best.

So it goes.

didn't say best. Just respected. So many BMW, VW and Mazda forums (and others) praise Delvac 1. I think Detroit Diesel and Caterpillar rebadge it, or is that Cummins, can't remember. Mobil tech rep told ne they spent mucho research $$ on it before release. It easily exceded CI-4 and SL over a year back when badged SJ. How many oils could do that? Somebody posted API sequence tests here a while back, D1 was so much better re wear than the others. In my Sube I now have Redline but I know I have D1 to fall back on if the Redline cost gets out of hand. And yes I'm importing some Schaeffers blend soon when I decide which prod/viscosity (wheres that freight cost??)
Caterpillar 5W40 full synthetic is rebadged Mobil Delvac I, and I think they add a small amount of boron only in the CAT formulation for a distinction. I have never been able to obtain either one from a dealer where I live without ordering it. And the costs were high. So I just ordered the Schaeffers 15W40 and 10W30.
Vetteman,Walmart has the Delvac 1 now,at least here in Oklahoma $17 something a gallon and they also have started stocking the Delvac 1300 at a price of 5.88 for a 4 quart jug.

Russellville huh? I have had my knee on the ground in near every turn in NE Arkansas. Wish I lived there!The ride north of you towards Jasper is a good one except earlt spring with all the marbles in the corners .

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That is the best price I have seen on DelvacI. The people here will order it for $24 Gal. So I just went with the 15W40 Schaeffer's for my 01 diesel.

I pull from Russellvile to Branson on Hwy 7 through Jasper about 7 times a year. In RV circles this is known as one of the worst pulls in the US. I am about 15K GCVW with the TT in tow. Alot of 6% and up hills and switchbacks. You are able to comprehend now what I say when I allude to the fact that I work my truck and oil.

$17 gallon is a real good price. For interest I did a Google search last night on D1. Amazing the no of hits. US Army moving to D1 in Bradley Fighting vehicles etc and the number of US trucking companies changing to it was huge. One with 80 trucks moved from Royal Purple to D1 and oil changes went from 100,000 to 300,000 miles. Also noticed it was Lubricant World's Prod of the year in 98. Wish I could get it for $17 a gallon, I paid A$9.90 a litre and only available in 20 litre drum now (5.3 gallons)!!!

For those that may have be having difficulty finding D1 at reasonable pricing, try calling Tri-Con in Beaumont, Texas.

409-835-2237 or 800-876-7102

Very friendly people that seem to appreciate the business.


Case of four one-gallon plastic jugs is $70.50 plus UPS shipping charges for 28 pounds.


Sure beats having to drive all over creation trying to find it locally IF you don't know of a local supplier.



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Let me say first that anyone can find delvac 1 in any truckstop in and across america so to go calling on a company out of the area and add shipping to this very common oil would not be a smart idea as that Mobil themselves can surely give you a local company just about anywhere. That is one of the best things that doing business with such a giant company has to offer. Now if this was a specialized product, then I would see going that option.

Sprintman, can you qualify your statement that transamerica has
1.. is using the D1
2.. what have you seen from them to establish the triple drains statement?

Are these triple drains done with oil analysis and if so, what have you seen to establish they have been able to do so without any ill effects. I'll understand that statement if they were first doing 3k drains and now up to 9k but you've kinda left that statement open ended and I for one don't like to assume that maybe they are up to 40 or 50,000 mile drains without seeing some of their trending which can show the real story behind the statements.

The concept on this board is when stateing something like this, it leads people to think you have established this statement as a fact which you may or may not have and it is things like this that can mis lead another person to believe something that may be nothing more than an opinion or hearsay. Lets try to show this with some real evidence when stating just how good an oil oil analysis for one.

Everyone who uses an oil in their vehicle wants to think they are usng the best and if everyone was to make all these claims how theirs is the best then this site would serve no real purpose and really clutter it up with more personal feelings about their pet oil than offer facts.
Case in point.. Amsoil does 25,000 mile drain intervals on cars, fact or fiction? can it be done? what have we all seen to establish this? So far, I for one have not seen this yet, but I do believe that it can be possible under the right conditions, but not only using their oil but also some other quality oils can do this. But the clutter on some boards without showing or establishing this fact really got to drowning out the purpose of the board and started to sound like a commercial zone for oil companies not to mention how it lent no credible information but advertising hype.

This is not to say that personal experiences can't lend good info but lets try to support comments such as what you're stating here if you would please.

Let me also say for the record that in my experiences with the analysis reports that i have seen, d1 seems to be a good oil, but I've not seen triple drain intervals as of yet so this is another reason why I'm looking at this comment as to what do you have to show us as I do beleive you but I for one would like to know more facts as to what were they using prior, how many miles on prior oil, what are they currently doing mileage wise, and what do the wear #'s show to establish this extended drain interval?

Here are my personal observations on using Delvac-1:

Bob, you've seen my oil analysis using Tech2k. Right after, I switched to Delvac-1 - and yes, I will have an oil analysis done when drained.

1)People (mainly from TDIClub) have stated that their engines run smoother (ie. idles better), and quieter than before. I personally have not experienced this in my Mazda.
2) I lost roughly 200ml of oil after 1000km (I've added makeup oil to compensate of course). I'm now 2500km into Delvac-1 with no sign of oil loss since.
3) Oil colour is dark. Still holds a bit of a golden brown colour, but it is fairly dark. I know colour has nothing do with it, but my Tech2k was never this dark when drained after 5000km. Based on that, I concluded either a) Delvac-1 is cleaning the heck out of my engine, and it is doing it better than Tech2000 OR b) I know diesel oils turn black as soon as it is added to diesel engines - so this is just something "normal" with diesel-specified oils.

Can't wait to drain and analyze...


Did a search on 'Delvac 1' and 20 pages of hits. Read nearly every one which took a very long time. One was an article on what I presume is a trucking company "Transport America' with 1400 trucks. Said they moved to Delvac 1 and 3.5 drains per truck less giving 4000 hrs more on road use. B&B trucking Kalamazoo 25,000 mile drains with Royal purple, 100,000 mile drains with D1. An even better article from the engineer who did the testing on US Army Bradley Fighting Vehicle' Hydromechanical Cross Drive Transmission. Original oil used failed at 110 hours. D1 tested at 110, 220, 440 and 880hrs and still OK. That didn't include warm ups or transition point to point so actually around 1200 hrs they said on the oil. I'd still use it but seems 1.3% Sulphated Ash could be bad in my petrol engines?
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