Delvac 1 Wear Rates?

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Jul 24, 2002
Quebec, Canada
Anybody got any data on the wear rates of Delvac 1 and using what test? Maybe Terry can answer this question... Thanks, Oz
Delvac 1 is an excellent oil. Assume you're talking here about 5W40. What specifically are you looking for: Wear metal in mg/hour, Four-Ball wear tests, V-Block Wear Tests? I have some wear (bench testing) data on the 5W40, and maybe the 15W40.
MolaKule, AWESOME!!! Please post them all! Yes, I am referring to Delvac 1 5W40 Synthetic. I was more curious about the 4-ball wear test and then compare it to AMSOIL and Schaeffer (if one exists). But if you have more, then that's great too! Thanks, [Coffee] Oz
Theres a post on the TDI forum about D1 wear rates. I think it was cam wear rate and something like .001 in 30,000 miles dropped to .0002 in 130,000 miles using D1.
sprintman -> Thanks, I'll do a search in and take a look. However, MolaKule's numbers might prove a bit useful as I can compare them to, let's say, AMSOIL. dragboat ->;f=3;t=000087 TDI on Mobil D1 by Troy_Heagy. I'm not sure what you mean by metallic additives. But hopefully the Troy_Heagy analysis will answer your question. Regards, Oz
Oz, here is what I have (A slightly older formulation of Delvac 1, 5W40; I assume the numbers are somehwat better now since they have had time to tweak it since this test was done): CAT 1M-PC Ring Side Clearance - Loss mm - 0.012 Piston, ring, and liner scuffing - 0 Piston Ring sticking - 0 CRC-L-38 (3X, 120 hr) Bearing Wt. Loss, mg - 20 mg Extended 128 hr. Seq. IIIE Cam and Lifter Wear - um, 5.2 In Gas Engine, 50,000 miles accumulated, 25,000 mile Oil Drain Interval, 2.0L, I4; Oil Cons. averaged 6,000 miles/qt Oil Vis. Increase@40 C - 15% Used Oil TB - 8.4 Emissions in Gas Engine for above: HC - 0.2 CO - 1.85 NOx - 0.60
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