Delvac 1 SHC 5W40 Unimog 17.5kmi

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Jun 8, 2009
All numbers not listed are zero or 1 Fe 36 Cu 3 Al 5 Si 3 Na 18 (same as VOA) Mg 51 Ca 4634 P 1399 Zn 1487 Mo 2 B 294 Vi 13.6 Fuel <1% Soot 0.7 Water <0.05% TAN 3.85 TBN 12.4 Makeup oil 6.5L in 29L sump Analysis done by Detroit Diesel in Portland I changed not because I thought it was used up but because it had been 2.5 years. Clearly I can go for very long OCIs. Charlie
Doug, Not exactly soon but maybe after a generally eastwards trip through Europe, Israel, Russia, Mongolia, China, SE Asia... Shipping to and from Australia was more expensive than shipping to and from Europe by a factor of 10. Charlie
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Clearly I can go for very long OCIs. Charlie
I cannot agree with you any more than that! Very low wear. Very low contamination. Excellent TBN/TAN relationship. etc,etc ... Extended OCIs are very much a reality here. 2.5 years and this is the result? Excellent example of how the clock is NOT a tool to change oil. Obviously, Charlie is very-well versed in his application and will not extend without UOA confirmation along the way, but I see LONG OCIs if this is indicative of the performance. This being the result, I would think even longer use would be something to consider.
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I think my plan will be to sample this new oil change at 20K and then every 7.5-10K thereafter. The limiting factors could be Fe (the limit on the engine is 200ppm) or viscosity, I doubt it will be TBN. Charlie
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