Delvac 1 and the API

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Jul 18, 2002
I was always under the impression that the reason people liked Delvac 1 was because it had a lot of antiwear and cleanliness additives. I also thought that one of the problems with an oil being API licensed was that the additive amounts were limited. If the D1 is API licensed as an SL oil, wouldn't it be limited to the same amount of anti-wear additives as M1 or any other API licensed oil? If so, what about D1 makes people like it so much? I'm mostly curious because I can get D1 pretty easily at the local Farm and Fleet. Thanks in advance for the insight.

It's not the SL rating that limits phos. It's the GF-3 rating, i.e., the "starburst," "Certified for Gasoline Engines" rating.
If I remember correctly I read somewhere recently,probably from Lube's & Greases, that if the CI-4 rating comes before the SL rating they waive the phos.limit.
Does the Pennz. Long Life have all the "ingredients" that say Delvac or Delo has in them as far as anti-wear and cleanliness goes? Anybody know???
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