delvac 1 and a gm truck 6.0 ?????

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Jul 30, 2004
western pa
hi, does anyone have thoughts on this? the manual calls for 5w30 or 10w30. would i have any problems with it in -10F with is about as cold as i would expect. also has anyone compared the delvac1 to the sythetic rotella? i just figured at half the price it is probably not as good.
I am not sure we have any head to head comparisons. But Rotella TSyn will never in a million years outperform Delvac 1 -never happen. Rotella is not a true synthetic and Delvac 1 has more esters (supposedly) than Mobil 1 although it has no Moly.

But the short answer is Delvac will do a great job for you.Its awful pricy though.
If you want to pay the price of admission, then go for it...would work great in that GM 6.0.

Does your local Wal-Mart stock the Truck & SUV 5w-40?

If so, I'd pick that in combination with a AcDelco filter.
no, i can not find it ir mobil suv at any local walmart. but i did call a truck stop about 30 miles from me that has the delvac 1. also do you think it might help clean up a 130k dodge 5.9 360 that has a little crud in the engine and uses a litle oil? THANK YOU. I LOVE THIS WEBSITE.
Yes, it will help clean up that engine.

While Rotella isn't as good as Delvac, it's still a very good oil and at $12/gallon, it's a GREAT deal

Truckstop you say? $25-$30/gallon?

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You can order the Delvac from one of the site sponsers I think. I don't know about head to head but the Rotella T is a very good oil and at $12.88 it's a deal.

Originally posted by 4.8 Silverado:
Would Delvac perform better than Mobil 1 in LS1 motors?

To be honest, I'd pick M1 0w-40 over Delvac for the LS1.

Local availability and much lower price while still getting a great engine lube that'll post comparable wear numbers.
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