Delvac 1 5W-40 for Subaru EJ205 Turbo?

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Nov 24, 2002
Hello all, I've been mixing Mobil1 10W-30 with a little (1 bottle or less) 15W-50 for my 2.0L turbo Subaru Impreza motor. Has anyone tried simply using Delvac 1 5W-40 in this motor, and if so are you pleased? My reason for mixing the 15W-50 in is the usual -- I want to keep use down a bit (my max use is now around half a quart per 4000 miles, driven hard and/or on long trips). I'm shooting for 5000 mile drain intervals. The D1 price from the site sponsor is attractive, so I'm looking for other people's experiences. Thanks!
I don't have that engine. I have used and it cut down on wear over Mobil 10W-30. I have never heard a bad word about the 5W-40 not even from our Amsoil Friends. You can't go wrong with this oil IMHO
Hi, I have the 2.5ltr engine in my MY02 Outback I use Delvac 1 in lots of vehicles with excellent results. This car used some M1 10w-30 and was noisy on startup Delvac 1 will easily do 5k in any Subaru and especially a good job with the Turbo engine. It maintains viscosity extremely well even out to 70k in my heavy truck engines IMHO your oil consumption seems OK as it is Regards Doug MY02 Subaru Outback 2.5 manual (Delvac 1) MY98 BMW Z3 2.8 manual (Delvac 1) MY89 Porsche 928 S4 Auto (Delvac 1)
Rally, I have to agree with Doug! Your oil consumption isn't bad at all; and if your screen name tell us what you do with that car, then your usage is pretty darn good. Rick
I'm with Doug. I used D1 in my Outback and Mazda turbo and very quiet etc. I test a lot of oils and that's the only reason it isn't used just now. You can't go wrong with D1 IMO.
Thanks everyone! I really appreciate the advice. I do get a little noise on startup, but not enough to worry even me, and I do worry about stuff... Thanks again.
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