delta tires


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New Jersey
I try to stay away from oddball tire makers. Sometimes theyre made by the big boys, but a lot of times I see them on cars (Am I the only one that checks out tires on others' cars?) the no-name tires are either worn funny or have bulges on the sidewalls, funny wear on the sidewalls, etc. Maybe its just a statement about the 'typical' no-name tire buyer (or a uyer of the cheapest parts in general and the state of their cars). Its easy to find high qualitytires for good prices. If you want a good AT tire that will last well oer 50k miles, go with the BFG AT. JMH
Southern Vermont
The Delta brand has been around a long time. I remember buying a pair around 1970. They were not so good. I remember that Delta Tires back then sponsored a race car in one of the SCCA pro race series. The funny thing is, the race car ran on Goodyear racing tires. I think maybe the transporter or support vehicle may have had Delta tires on it, but can't swear to it. I always figured that the race team manager must have really had a good sales story to convince Delta to sponsor the team car.