Delo synthetic 5W-40 SL

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Nov 23, 2003
Whats the word on this oil? How come you don't hear about this oil in this forum? I know a lot of people use RTS 5W-40 in their gassers. Myself included. It seems this Delo is even harder to find then most 5W-40 oils. Is that the reason? I haven't priced this stuff out. I would assume it would be pretty close to RTS, and other group III synthetics.
If I could find it, you'd be I'd use it over the RTS. I'm running Delo 15w-40 in my diesel, but it's just too thick for my Sohc engine that I'm currently running RTS in.
Originally posted by JAYCEE: Truck stops carry it, I think. I've never gone in and looked around though.
I've been to truckstops all over this country and have never seen Delo Synthetic on any shelves. The only way I know to get it is direct from your local Chevron oil distibutor. Hammer
The reason that you don't hear much about it around here is because it is a group III oil. Some of the board members here go NUTS and have kinipshins about group III oils. It has a very good additive package and seems like an excellent oil.
Stuart's Auto, the parts house nearest me, carries the 5w40 Delo. I-5 south, N. Salem/Fairgrounds exit, turn right and go 1/4 mile. It appears GC fans drive even longer distances in search of the Green.
The problem is that the conniption-prone (you know who you are...) dismiss Group III base stocks as "merely dino".
Can a Group III oil perform as well as a Group IV oil with the same exact add pack? [I dont know]
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