delo sae 30 & 40 CF/SL

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Dec 28, 2012
Cave City KY
my local kmart had this marked down for the clear out since they are closing in january. i bought what they had on the shelf 3 gallons on the shelf of sae 30, 7 quarts of the sae 40 and 5 quarts of the sae 30. anyone got a VOA handy of this? my grandpa talked highly of this oil when he used it back in the day.
You bought the same oil as the famous AutoZone closeout sale of a few years ago-they were selling Delo 400 SAE 30 for 99 cents/gallon, and I actually picked up a couple for ONE cent a gallon. It has fairly high TBN (around 10) and is thin enough when cold to be in a 20W range. I've started my two IDI diesels with it down to 0F unplugged, but the 7.3 in my sig likes being plugged in & warmed up with it below freezing.
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