Delo Price Increase

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Apr 28, 2003
Katy, Texas
The cost of Delo at Wal-Mart has gone from $1.77 to $1.82. I did notice the price increase of Mobil one and a shelf full of Chevron Supreme 5W30. I forgot to take notice at the price swap of Chevron and Havoline. They did have a sale on Syntec Blend in the 15W40 form since it was discontinued.... i would have gotten some but they had one quart left....
I believe that someone with pull has been monitoring this site! They are fully aware that we were willing to pay more for Delo and Supreme! My local Walmart raised prices on BOTH Supreme and Havoline. Makes me happy I got that case of 5w30 Havoline for about a buck per quart!
Originally posted by Jason8691: You know, if Wal-Mart is cutting prices every come nothing is free????
Because every other day they are raising them! [Smile]
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