Delo or Chevron Supreme?

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Next oil change is coming up soon. Jeep Cherokee - 4.0 engine - nearly 200,000 miles. I plan on making my own synthetic blend with 2 quarts of synthetic and 4 quarts of other.

Fist, which would you use - Chevron Supreme 10w40 or Delo 15w40? Cold weather is no longer much of a concern.

Second, for the synthetic, which should I use? Havoline 10w40 or Mobile 1 5w40? The Havoline would obviously be safter to mix with the other Chevron products, but the Mobile 1 is a better oil...
Go with the Mobil and Delo since they are both diesel oils. With that many miles I would just go with the Delo but they also have them in 10-30wt which I would mix with the 15-40.
If you set on mixing, I'd go with the Delo 15w-40 and the Delo Synthetic 5W-40. Both have the same additive package. I ran Delo 15W40 in my 4.0 GCL for the last year or so that I had it.
All good oils but my vote is Delo 15W40 and Delvac 1 5W40 (or the Truck/SUV variant that recently came out under the Mobil 1 label)
I'm not much for the BITOG fad of mixing one's own synthetic blend oils. If you are trying to put a high quality oil in there while keeping costs down I would go for the Rotella T Synthetic 5W-40 sold at most WalMarts for around $12.88/gallon.

Otherwise I would use straight Delo at ~$7/gallon.

Chevron Supreme has moly. Chevron Delo 400 15w-40 does not have moly. So if you like moly, use Chevron Supreme.

As for mixing, don't bother. Chevron is a complete oil, it can do everything without anything else mixed into it.
Why not just go with a good diesel synthetic like Shell Rotella T 5w40. Its only about $12/gal at my walmart and then you've got one oil with one addative pack.
I still want to mix...nobody's given me a good arguement why I shouldn't.
I didn't think about Delo synthetic, that's probably a good idea. There is no walmarts around here, so no Rotella for $12. I would have to buy two gallons anyway, and for $24 I might as well go with Mobile 1.

I didn't know the Delo doesn't have moly. Moly is a good thing for high mileage isn't it? What is the reason most of you are recommending the Delo?
ZMoz, the biggest reason why I believe it's not a good idea to mix different types of oil is additive clash. Staying with a given brand and mixing dino w/ dino or syn w/ syn seems reasonable. But mixing outside those boundaries can cause unexpected results. Syntec Blend is showing some top-notch UOAs, why not just use that rather than mixing different oils?

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I would just use Chevron Supreme and save some money. I see no reason to mix. The additive package is already all you need and a good one.
I vote for the delo 15w-40 because it does not thin out like other dino oils. Because of that you can go 6000-7000 miles safely on this oil. The chevron is great oil but it will thin out like other dino oils. I think a high milage engine needs the thicker oil and it need to stay at the same viscosity. I am using this oil in my 251,000 mile toyota cressida.

I do not see a compelling interest in your case to have to mix oils.

The Petro & Chem engineers already did thier blending homework on these great dino oils spare yourself the ponderance *lol*

I prefer the delo 400 over the delvac not because of UOA reasons (both are amazing for the price $) but because Chevron uses the ISO-SYN Group II+ base oil.

On those lines Rotella T is a Group III; and highly refined one at that.

If you really need something in the mix:

Perhaps a Moly additive for the Delo 400,

Of course there is always the options of Lube Control, BG MOA. and a 3oz maintence dose of Auto-RX if you really want to "mix" something uselful in.
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