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Aug 10, 2006
Hi mates

Today, i changed the engine oil for my Yamaha XT 600 E, wet clutch indeed. Before, i always was using Motul 5100 15w-50 Blend ( ester ). Now, i can tell you that it feels a big improvment in shifting, like silk, i really like this oil, i used the bike for about 6 miles and is awesome.

The thing is, here in Chile, we get the Delo 400 with the new API certification, CI-4 plus, in the back if the bottle says nothing about C4 Allison certification, i know that is requirements are for wet clutches in transmissions for Allison.

Am i safe with this new certification? i searched before about this new delo, but i just want to know if you have had any odd behavior with your clutches.

Cheers and thanks again
This boils down to the molybdenum content debate which is ongoing. Some of the experts here say less than 200 ppm has no affect considering some bike specific oil do have some - Mobil 1 for example. The VOA here on Delo shows substantially more.

There are three camps:

1.Those who swear it will ruin your clutch in time or immediately.
2.Those who run it in their bikes with no ill effects for thousands of miles.
3. Those who say "why take a chance" and stick with Jaso Ma or Allison C4 rated oils.

There is lots of info on the subject here. Digest it and make your own decision.

We use Delo, here, in several huge Allison transmissions with no ill effects so far - ever since the formula changed. What the long term effects will be remains to be seen. It cost about 30 grand to rebuild one of these. The service manager at Detroit Diesel told me we should be using a properly rated oil but the company seems unconcerned.

Good luck.
Thanks, i read a lot again here and i'll be safe with this oil whicj i think it is amazing, there is some delvac 1300 super and a delvac super 1300 with this certifications here:

Mobil Delvac 1300 Super 15W-40 excede y cumple estas
• API CI-4 Plus, CI-4, CH-4, CG-4, CF-4, CF, SL, SJ
• JASO DH-1, Global DHD-1
• Mack EO-N Premium Plus 03, Mack EO-M Plus
• Cummins: CES 20078, 20077, 20076, 20072, C20071
• Volvo VDS-3, VDS-2
• Detroit Diesel Power Guard Oil Specification
• Ford WSS-M2C171-D
• Mercedes Benz Hoja 228.3
• Caterpillar ECF-1
• Allison C-4

This has got the C-4 Allison

and this other delvac with these specifictaions:

Mobil Delvac Super 1300 15W-40 cumple o excede las
siguientes especificaciones:
 API CG-4 / CF-4.
Mobil Delvac Super 1300 15W-40 posee las siguientes
aprobaciones de fabricantes:
 Volvo VDS.
Mobil Delvac Super 1300 15W-40 es recomendado para
su uso en aplicaciones en donde se requieran los
siguientes niveles de calidad:
 ACEA E2-96 (Issue 5).
 M.B. 228.1.
 MAN 271.

This is very old oil i think, instead of this, they still sell this oil, i'd rather go with the first delvac i think, but i read the delo 400 is slightly better than delvac.

What cab you say about these 2 delvac motor oils?

i forgot this, this was the other one, and the same price, it seems like delo 400

Mobil Delvac MX 15W-40 cumple o excede las siguientes
API CI-4 / CH-4 / CG-4 / CF-4 / CF / SL / SJ.
Cummins CES 20072 / 20071.
Caterpillar CAT ECF-1.
Detroit Diesel 7SE 270 (motores de 4 tiempos).
ACEA E7-04.
ACEA E5-02 / E3-96 (Issue 4).
ACEA B4-02 / B3-98 (Issue 2).
ACEA A2-96 (Issue 3).
Cummins CES 20078 / 20077 / 20076 / 20075.
Mack EO-M Plus.
Volvo VDS-3 / VDS-2.
Daimler Chrysler MB 228.3 / 229.1.
MAN M3275.
MTU Tipo 1
Renault RLD.
Mack EO-M.
Allison C-4.
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