Delo 400 Synth Sulfated Ash Level too high?

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Apr 11, 2003
Spring HIll
According to Chevron, the Sulfated Ash level of the Delo 400 5w-40 synth is 1.5. This is the highest I've seen so far, and even higher than Delvac 1. Since I can't find Delvac 1 around here, but Delo 400 Synth is available locally at the nearby distributor, I'd like to give this oil a try. Is the sulfated ash level too high for use in a passenger car or am I just over analyzing the numbers here?
The problem with ash levels only comes into play if you car burns this oil. IF it does not burn then you get no ash. THe high ash level could be hard on your valves especialy if you Saturn decides to burn this oil!!! You know our Mobil Site Sponsor sells Delvac 1 for $28 a gallon. You can reach him from the main page under site sponsors!!! P.S. Redline has the lowest ash levels I have ever seen and we have a sponsor for that oil too!!
I just changed my car to the delo syn 5w-40, but then again, its a 78 with no emissions crap on it. Its the first try with this oil and just waiting to see how it works. Dan
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