Delo 400 or Delvac 1300S or Pennzoil LL

Longlife has a nice healthy dose of moly!! I don't think the other 2 oils have near as much. (maybe none at all) I read a technical article on Pennzoil's Pure Base process. It was pretty impressive and made it sound almost identical to hydrocraked Group 111's. But fortunately Pennzoil markets LL at the price of dino. I'd like to see a comparison of Pennzoil LL with some of the "fake" synthetics like Castrol Syntec or Rotella Synthetic. I bet the comparison would be pretty close except for price!! Having said all this, I haven't seen any negatives on Delo or Delvac 1300 so you probably won't go wrong with any of them. Buying oil used to be easy until I stumbled onto this website!!!!
Originally posted by sprintman: Which of these 15W40's would be best for use with a maintenance dose of Auto-Rx in a varied range of vehicles such as forklifts etc??