Delo 400 15W40 in a 4.7 Chrysler.

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Sep 25, 2002
Richmond, VA
Now that the weather is getting hot I was thinking about using 15W-40 Delo 400 for my next oil change. This engine supposedly is sludge prone ( and I was going to use this oil only in the summer months to help prevent sludge. Good idea? BTW the manual calls for 5W-30. I can't think of any possible harm a 15W-40 can do when the weather is hot. [Cheers!] Thanks in advance for the help! [Cheers!]
Go for it! The consensus here is that Jeeps like a 40W anyway. Delo, Long-Life and Schaeffer's should work well in that 4.0L
With your climate in VA, I bet you could run 15W40 9 months out of the year, if not all year.What type of temps do you see in Dec, Jan, Feb.?
Coldest temps are about the same as Eastern NC. Usually rarely gets below 15 degrees here. High temps are usually above freezing, too. [Cheers!]
Isn't that 4.7L their newer V-8 motor, not the "old" style 4.0L L-6 that really does like a XX-40. As such is a 15W-40 really benefical or would the engine be better served with a XX-30. Just a thought [Smile] . Whimsey
Seems that somewhere on here I remember reading several opinions that Delo 15w-40 was good to go year round even in winter, except for extreme low temps. I could be wrong, though. As for the 40wt part, I plan on running 15w40 in my 99 Suburban 5.7L, which calls for a 5w30, as soon as I exhaust my supply of Delo 10w30 which I ordered from the Chevron distributor last year. The Chevy manual specifically states "don't ever use 20w50", so there is a part of me which has a modicum of apprehension when moving up to a 15.6 cSt 40wt like Delo. [ May 22, 2004, 12:03 PM: Message edited by: cheeks ]
I'm running Delo 15W-40 in my 2002 Toyota HiLux 2.7 gasoline engine. Starts easily without noise even at -20C.
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