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May 28, 2003
I put a Volvo remanufactured 4 cylinder Turbo B230FT in my car back in June. It was started up with Mobil 1 10W30 and has had two break-in oil changes in the last 7,000 miles. One at 1000 miles, 3000 miles, and will be changing out the third fill at 8,000 miles. I have seen very little evaporation or useage. Even averaging 70 mph for 2,400 miles there was almost no oil usage on this fill. There has been a slight usage but very minimal not enough to justify opening a bottle to pour in 1 or 2 ounces. My engine at idle is very quiet and smooth as was the original motor when new. Mileage has gone from 26.8 mpg to 30.6 mpg highway since dropping in the motor. I figure that is from things loosening up and the rings setting. Hoping for another 1 or 2 mpg as I get up to 10,000 miles. Volvo recommends 5,000 mile oil changes so have to follow the rule book for warranty reasons. I'm thrilled with the Mobil 1 and the 5,000 mile oil changes. Even when the car was new the oil never stayed this clean for this long. This Mobil 1 has a tinge of color to it with 4,000 miles on it. By 3,000 miles the Pennzoil oil would be close to black. The original engine ran to 282,700 miles on 3,000 mile Pennzoil oil changes. Both engines have always used Volvo OEM Mann oil filters. I'm not a Mobil 1 Cheerleader, I only went to it with this new motor for gas mileage reasons. Before June of this year I had driven over 775,000 miles running Dino in my cars. I just kept reading posts about all the noisey valve trains that were coming up with those using Mobil 1. I'm reading them and saying mine isn't doing that. Just thought it was time to put in my two cents on the Mobil 1.
Mobil1 is good stuff. Multiple UOAs prove this. There are people who just are ANTI-anything as long as someone else is happy with it. BTW, I hate Volvos [Big Grin]
Originally posted by unDummy: BTW, I hate Volvos [Big Grin]
I only drive them because they last. They always started and never have left me stranded. So that has to be worth something. This is my last Volvo. I'm not thrilled with the FWD versions.
You mentioned about how the Pennzoil became very black in color. This is something I used to notice when I was using Pennzoil, also. Now, an oil should get dark after being in an engine, since dirt and stuff gets suspended in the oil. But it did make me nervous how very, very black the oil became. Other motor oils I used became a dark brown but not black as coal like the Pennzoil. Another thing I noticed about Pennzoil was that it seemed kind of foamy. All of this is probably nothing since UOAs indicate that Pennzoil is one of the best conventional motor oils. But personally I have been hesitate to go back to it and I have been very happy with Chevron Supreme as a conventional motor oil.
think about it, the pennzoil dino took a turbo charged volvo to well over a quater of a million miles. i wouldn't be nervous using it in anything.
undummy is right. I've run every M1 viscosity, Amsoil 5w/10w-30 and S2k and my engine sounded no different on any of these. However, RL has quieted my engine down a lot surprisingly. M1 is a very good oil. Best OTC synthetic out there IMO.
On a turbo Volvo, Mobil 1 is my first choice. My S40 is loving M1 10W-30....yeah, you heard me, FRONT---WHEEL---DRIVE..... [Wink];f=3;t=000893 My old 240 wagon had slightly better results on Schaeffer's than with M1. [I dont know] Could be that the M1 interval followed several years of Castrol usage....the varnish is cleaning up slowly. [Eek!] I'd rather not run even a blend in a turbo car though. You're probably seeing less darkening due to reduced coking with the M1. [ October 28, 2003, 11:45 PM: Message edited by: mormit ]
BTW, I hate Volvos
Hey, what wrong with Volvos??? Guess you're going to hate my '84 240 Turbo with 260,000+ miles on the clock!! We're never going away!!! (Insert diabolical laugh here). [Big Grin] Volvo, the original Energizer bunny...... And yes, shaped like a friggin brick!! [Patriot]
Originally posted by turbochem: Volvo, the original Energizer bunny......
After the apocalypse they will find a few cockroaches, the great pyramid, and a bunch of rusty but still running 240 wagons. [Cheers!]
I hate Volvos too...only because I had fairly intimate run in with one ( a 240, I think) car got really broken; 5000$ damage, towed away. Volvo...had...get this... a BENT bumper! I think it was made out of some super swedish steel or something!!!
I am on my 2nd Volvo, both s60s. This is the first time that I have ever purchased the same brand of car twice: New Cars: 1986 Honda Accord LXi - Great car. Sold after 140K miles because it started rusting. 1992 Toyota Camry - Very nice car, not sure of the year. Lost the car in the divorce. Good, I get a new car. 1987 Toyota MR2. This was the wifes car, I got this in the divorce. Great car, but not enough car, traded for a Maxima. Car had 60K miles at trade in. The first 55K were easy, the last 5K were really hard! [Big Grin] 1996 Nissan Maxima - Traded in for Volvo S60 with 140K miles. Great car! 2001 Volvo S60 T5 - Traded in after 60K miles - only because I really wanted the new S60R. 2004 Volvo S60 R - Man, I love this car, 1,200 miles and counting. All of the above cars used Mobil 1 5W30, with 7K-10K intervals. No UOAs, but no oil leaks, or oil burning either. New car might get RedLine, Amsoil, or M1. [ October 29, 2003, 01:32 AM: Message edited by: DockHoliday ]
Originally posted by mf150: The older Volvos last, but the new ones are junkier. Volvo is a Ford product now.
Correction, Volvo is still a product of Volvo, Ford owns them, but Volvo Cars still build them there way. CRW
Yes, the only part of Volvo is their truck/aerospace division. Ford had an influence on the new design change, plus teh prices are more affordable. Yup, they are still made in Sweden, just a totally different car than the ones that gave them their reputation.
Mobil 1 is a great oil, period. I had a Amsoil technical rep on the phone today and he even said Mobil 1 is a great oil. The guy was extremely nice and was very helpful. It should be noted that while M1 has it's deficiencies, so do all oils. My car ran smooth with M1 and I can tell you that every oil other then RL has been the same.
I have been using M1 10w30 since 1,500 miles on my 8.1L Silverado did the first UOA recently and it was not good, [No no] either this motor and 10w30 M1 don't get along towing in the GA summer heat (too thin?), or the motor is a P.O.S (possibility) the oil currently in the crankcase is the last M1 it will see, going to 0w30 GC next oil change see if they get along better for the winter, and then this spring when it warms up again I am going to try some of the Heavy Duty Oils like Mobil Delvac 1 or Chevron Delo, they may be a better match for my motor and driving conditions
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