Decisions for a BMW M54 2.5 Liter

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Apr 7, 2003
la jolla, ca
So we are adding another BMW to our family and I haven't been able to decide what oil I will get for it come the day we get it. If all falls through it will be a 2002 325iT. In my `93 325is I'm using Lubro Moly 5w40 Synthetic which I can get at a reasonable price at a local store...I've also been thinking of using Castrol 0w30 Syntec and I heard they are selling their 5w40's from Belgium also? Mobil 1 0w40 has crossed the mind too. Or I can stick with Lubro Moly as it has seemed to treat me well. What do you guys think?
I am glad to see another BMW on Board! The M54 engine is a sweet engine, so whatever you do... put the good stuff in it! I run in my bimmer M1 EP, but I would run GC, but I need something more than a 30 weight. If I were you, I would go GC, then the M1, amsoil, redline, etc... all of those oils would be execellent for your car.. It basically would come down to price. And, do yourself a favor, get an OEM filter either online or through the stealership. Good luck!
Thanks for the tips, there is a local euro parts store I go to which sells Mann/Mahle filters and the whole line of Lubro Moly oils...what type of BMW do you have? I also have had a `91 318is with a `95 M3 swap and a `95 318ti.
I have a question for you. Do your bimmers break down much? If they do, or even if they don't and you have had the occasional problem, how expensive are they to fix? Sorry to be off topic, i'm just curious, as I would like to buy one someday if I see a good deal. Thanks.
Off topic but to reply to Schism: I have a 1999 323i with the 2.5 liter I-6 engine. It was put into service in November of 1998. The car has had as replacement items 1 battery, 1 intake duct boot, and one sunroof track guide. Those are the only parts that the car has needed other than oil and filter changes and one coolant change. The battery was replaced under warranty way back when (long enough ago that I don't remember), the intake duct boot cost me $15 at the dealership, and the sunroof guide cost me $14 at the dealership. Maintenance on the "to do" list at the moment is: -replace power steering hose. It is leaking. The part costs $25. -Install new tires You can see that repairs haven't been bank breaking over the past 7-8 years. Other than BMW and their dealerships having horrible customer service and poor attitudes, the vehicle has been decent.
I was planning to run M1 EP 10w-40 at 7.5K mile OCI in that E46 330ci I was thinking of buying. Alas, it's still just wishful thinking at this point.
I have a question for you. Do your bimmers break down much? If they do, or even if they don't and you have had the occasional problem, how expensive are they to fix? Sorry to be off topic, i'm just curious, as I would like to buy one someday if I see a good deal. Thanks.
I've never had a mechanical failure in any of my BMW's I have owned. I am very anal about maitnence though, as are a lot of people on this board so I think that contributes to it. I drive my cars VERY hard and I really don't trust many products to withstand my driving (long periods of driving near redline for etc.) So personally I love these cars as they treat me well [Smile]
w..n.s00, I think you would find GC most pleasing... The Elves have many friends in München and they get along sehr, sehr gut.
I run GC in my 02 330ci. I'd also run M1 0w-40, BC or the BMW High Perf. Synthetic 5w-30(Castrol Softec I believe) Remeber that it has to be both BMW LL01 and ACEA A3 rated.
Jim 5, I too have a '02 330ci and have used M1 0w/40 since the first oil change (2,500 miles). It has been good oil but I like the GC too. Did the GC yield any improvements over the M1? Just curious. I've got an oil change coming up so I'll check back. Cheers DV
I have a 1990 535i, and a 2000 Mercedes c230.. as you can tell.. I love my german cars! But for the bimmer.. Besides basic maintainance, I had to replace my fuel pump.. (crapped out at 280,000 miles) and the Aux. water pump, (went out at 284,000) other than that.. never ever had a driveability problem. The pump was $100, and the aux water pump was 75. Other than that, she is pushing for 300,000 miles by the end of this year, woot!!!
My 03 330Ci gets GC between the dealer fills of BMW 5w-30. I posted an OUA of the Castrol GC along with the previous fill of BMW 5w-30 for comparison. Another GC gold OUA will be coming in a month or two when it goes in for the second dealer change at about 32,000 miles. Castrol Syntec 0w-30 GC 5000 miles BMW330Ci I too would also consider the, Castrol 5w-40 BC or mobil 1 0w-40. I would also like to try the Motul 300V 5-w40.
Remeber that it has to be both BMW LL01 and ACEA A3 rated.
While oils like Mobil 1 5w40 and Lubro Moly 5w40 aren't specifically LL-01 rated I would imagine they could be safely used since they are top notch/robust synthetic oils?
windnsea, I've never run the M1's still sitting on the shelf with all the GC. I noticed no difference between the GC and the BMW stuff. As far as lubro moly, I'm not sure...but with the LL01 rated oils, you don't have the issue proving to the dealer you used the correct oil in the unlikely event of an oil related warranty claim. Of course you're all changing your oil at 7500 miles and not at 15000 like the OLM says right? Just look at the back of your owners manual, BMW has a place for an "intermediate oil change" stamp. They pretty much imply that it's necessary....but it's your car.
Whatever 325iT we buy, more than likely the warranty will be over or near it so that doesn't worry me. I would change around 7.5k as I do for my friends cars when I work on their E46's or on my E36 also. I was just curious if the LL-01 rating was more for picking a oil that can supposedly last 15k and return decent fuel mileage. As we've seen from many UOA's Mobil 1 truck & suv or lubro moly 5w40 while not LL-01 rated are good oils and I would imagine would be perfectly safe. I hope so as I changed the oil in a friends 330i with Lubro Moly 5w40 [Smile] (it's out of warranty btw)
I believe the LL-01 spec came in when BMW bumped the OLM's to call for an oil change at around 15k miles. I suspect that a 5w-40 is a more suitable viscosity in your region than the recommended 5w-30, and if you are using a 7500 mile OCI, you're probably OK with any decent synth. Given the 7 quart sump, a good dino would likely go that distance as well....but I'm guessing most e46 owners aren't going to chance it.
Howdy Bimmer lovers Used to run M1 15-50 in both a 750iL and a 525i (both '92's). Newer engines want thinner oils, unless you're running a M52 motor! Then 10W-60 is your only choice. Latest talk on the Mcoupe boards (now have a '99 MCoupe w/ M50 engine) is to run M1 5w30 unless you're in the Southern Climates. Sounds OK for winter (Wisconsin address) but not for summer--sounds like a great Green Castrol candidate! Never see temps much into the 90's F here. Never did rely on the oil change gadget--just do the twice yearly changes ('bout 7000 miles) for my baby. I still reset it, though, just to have another thing to do to the vehicle. Naturally the M Coupe spends Jan-March in storage. Never had a BMW strand me. Did need a jump start once (just bought 525i used) but no real problems needing Stealership service. That's better than the H2 Hummer I traded away November 2004! Starter. Alarm lockout. Brakes. One thing I've noticed is that once you work on BMW's, nothing else compares. Everything is engineered in--even oil changes are wonderful! With the cartrige oil filters and a Topsider oil evacuator, you can change the oil in your Sunday finest, no muss, no fuss. Now if I could only score some of that GC....
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