Decent 3-oz grease gun?

Apr 25, 2006
Decent 3-oz grease gun? I see that Mystik JT-6 High Temp #2 is available in 3 oz tubes and was wondering if any one makes a decent 3 oz gun?
If you buy one from O'Reilly's, Performance Tool grease guns will have a lifetime warranty. I had no problem taking a Performance Tool back, and they gave me the option of money back or replacement. $13.99 for a three ounce Performance Tool grease gun.
I never did understand the 3-oz grease cartridges because they are expensive for a little dab of grease. Its also a trend that there is no longer any demand to have a grease gun for vehicle service. I like greaseable chassis parts because a little can dramatically extend the life of aftermarket parts. Good luck finding a quality tool because everything seems to come across the pond.
I bought a full size grease gun , several years ago . You will not guess what I use it for ? My progressive press . Some one gave me enough tubes of grease to last 5 - 10 lifetimes . Have not emptied the tube I started on . I agree 100% . Wish the automotive suspension parts / pieces still were greasable . :-(
Isn't 3oz grease gun and "decent" an oxymoron?
Not for me. Of all diy work I hate working with grease, thus 3oz mini gun perfect for me. That and I don't need it that often and don't want full size grease gun lying around potentially leaking grease while sitting. I've owned the Plews Mini grease gun linked for many years. It's been a serviceable little gun that has gotten the job done. Thus it's been "decent" 'for me'. As I purchased it many years ago I have no idea how current production is, though I'd imagine similar. Are there better or equally good, probably. Just relating my anecdotal experience.
I used a Plews one before I upgraded to a bigger one. It works decently well, but the grease selection for 3oz tubes isn't great. If I can find it, I'll use it for moly grease on a friend's Lexus. I owe her a relube of the slip yokes.
I bought one just to keep the calcium grease I use for my boat trailer hubs separate from the lithium grease I use for everything else. Mine came from Tractor Supply and seems to be just fine so far. I think it's a Lubramatic.